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Art Shrian Tiwari

Art is an actor-writer-producer, working in USA and worldwide. He is an ex-IT executive and business professional, who's a full time actor & writer now. 

He quit his corporate job, to focus on a career in entertainment. Art has been an artist and creative since very young age, actively involved in acting, writing and directing several plays and productions during school and college; and also served as Editor of his college magazine. 

At age 16, he won a national award for a single-act play-writing national competition in India. After moving to the US, he attended New York Film Academy to study TV & Films and then spent over a year training at Acting Studio in New York City for Meisner Training. 

He also took various writing workshops, including the esteemed Robert McKee Story Seminar. He loves the art and business of entertainment, and is on his journey to become a true Entertainer & Entertainment Entrepreneur.

He can be reached at