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Friday, June 15, 2018

6 Gift Ideas for this Father's Day

Father's Day is right around the corner, on June 17th, and you most probably are looking for a gift. Either you are a father, or you're looking for a gift for your father, it's never easy to find the right thing. Here are a few interesting suggestions:

  1. Custom tailored suit from Mohan's Custom Tailors: A suit can completely change how a man looks, in a good way. And a custom tailored, perfect fitting suit, is what can take it to the next level. Designer suits are not just luxury of the rich elites. At Mohan's custom suits, starting at just $699, you can get an amazing custom tailored suit, designed and made just for you, with a monogram and several amazing options. It's money well spent, for something very precious that will last for years. Check them out at Mohan's Custom Tailors.
  2. Designer sunglasses from PRIVE REVAUX: If $699 seems too much, how about amazing designer sunglasses, backed by Jamie Foxx, for just $29.95. Yes, you can get high quality designer brand polarized sunglasses for under $30 from Prove Revaux. Checkout the collection and you can pick one for the dad and one (or more) for the son/daughter too. Check them out at PRIVE REVAUX.
  3. TIMEX watch: How about something classic? Like the new MK1 Stainless Steel Chronograph carries a tough look and feel. The MK1 Steel Chronograph delivers a strong profile to attain distinction and quality, with an acrylic domed crystal it is complimented by a premium Italian oxford weave cotton strap and brushed steel finished eyelets to ensure a durable fit. Or the Timex SupernovaTM is a new way to experience our INDIGLO® Night – Light technology. A thin layer of metal is placed on top of the dial and using precision laser cutting techniques, the top layer is perforated to allow for the light to pass through, creating a new and unique way to illuminate the dial. Both priced at only $119, available at timex.com.
  4. A Cosmetics gift-set from RITUALS: All men can use some shower gel, shampoo, soap, shaving cream etc. But why not get them something special, something cool. You cannot go wrong with for only RITUALS The Ritual of Samurai - Refreshing Ritual Gift Set $45, or RITUALS The Ritual of Dao - Calming Collection for only $65.
  5. Perfume spray from CLEAN: Try something new and unique with CLEAN Reserve Sueded Oud. It is a fresh and creamy approach to a traditional oud fragrance. It is a discovery of natural textures and an exploration of the fluid movement between the brighter and darker facets of fragrance. Price & Availability: $95 at Sephora. Or CLEAN Reserve Acqua Neroli which combines the best of summer into one bottle, blending Acqua Musk with a sparkling freshness from bergamot, mandarin and orange Sicilian into a scent inspired by the Mediterranean sea. Price & Availability: $95, Sephora.com
  6. A Broadway Show: TONYs just finished and if you are in New York City, there's noting better than checking out a TONY winner, TONY nominated or just any damn broadway show. From classics like LION KING, THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, WICKED, to spectacular hits like HAMILTON, BOOK OF MORMON, ALADDIN to newcomers like HARRY POTTER, FROZEN and many many others. Check them out at Broadway.com!

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