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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

“We’re The Campbells” on TV One

We’re The Campbells” on TV One.

Here is are the exclusive clips from episode #103 of “We’re The Campbells” on TV One.
“We’re the Campbells” airs Tuesday’s at 8/C on TV One.

Clip #1
: Joi Starr Discusses Past Abusive Relationship 

"We're the Campbells" - Episode #103 - July 8th, 2018
Erica flies to Dallas to do her radio show, ͞"Get Up, Mornings! with Erica Campbell͟," where she goes a little too far when she teases co-star Griff about his love life on-air.  Erica also finds herself questioning the higher-ups at the radio station about how they book their guests.  After getting advice from MC Lyte, Joi decides to leave Warryn’s label, My Block, regardless of the consequences. Warryn discovers his newest band to add to his label, his three kids. Erica isn’t so sure but Warryn is convinced that after they practice some more she’ll come around. Goo finds out that there is a major clothing distributor looking to back her own personal clothing line. 

Clip #2: Erica Campbell & Griff Discuss Christian Dating - 

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