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Sunday, September 30, 2018

Road Trip: LA Film Festival, winners

Road Trip, 2018 the  LA Film Festival, produced by Film Independent, announced the winners of the 2018 Festival. 

The Festival’s juried awards include the U.S. Fiction Award, World Fiction Award, Documentary Award, LA Muse Awards, Nightfall Award, Music Video Award, Episodic Award, well as the Short Fiction Award and the Short Documentary Award. Audience awards are presented for Fiction Feature Film, Documentary Feature Film, Episodic Story, Episodic Pilot, Short Film, Music Video and Series from the Web.

The Festival’s competitions featured a diverse slate of 40 feature films, 41 short films and 10 short episodic works representing 26 countries. Across the competition categories, 42% of the films are directed by women and 39% are directed by people of color.

Awards were given out in the following categories:
The U.S. Fiction Award
Winner: This Teacher, dir. Mark Jackson, World Premiere
Screenwriters: Mark Jackson, Dana Thompson

U.S. Fiction Special Mention
Winner: In Reality, dir. Ann Lupo, California Premiere
Screenwriters: Ann Lupo, Esteban Pedraza, Aaron Pryka

World Fiction Award
Winner: Border, dir. Ali Abbasi, California Premiere
Screenwriters: Ali Abbasi, Isabella Eklöf, John Ajvide Lindqvis

World Fiction Special Jury Prize, Directing
Winner: The Day I Lost My Shadow, dir. Soudade Kaadan, US Premiere
Screenwriters: Soudade Kaadan

Documentary Award
Winner: hillbilly, dir. Sally Rubin & Ashley York, LA Premiere
Producers: Sally Rubin & Ashley York

   Documentary Special Jury Award for
Excellence in Social Justice Storytelling
Winner: False Confessions, dir. Katrine Philp, North American Premiere
Film Description: “Would you confess to a crime you did not commit?” A defense attorney fights against the complex and manipulative tactics of US police interrogations, focusing on victims of coerced confessions as she helps exonerate her incarcerated clients.

LA Muse Award
Winner: Staycation, dir. Tanuj Chopra, World Premiere
Screenwriters: Tanuj Chopra, Anthony Ma, Grace Su

LA Muse Documentary Award
Winner: Fire on the Hill dir. Brett Fallentine, World Premiere
Film Description: Three black cowboys in South Central share their stories following a mysterious fire that burnt down the community’s stables, leaving the fate of the culture in question.

LA Muse Special Mention, Best Ensemble Cast
Winner: Solace, dir. Tchaiko Omawale, World Premiere
Screenwriter: Tchaiko Omawale

Nightfall Award
Winner: The Dead Center, dir. Billy Senese, World Premiere
Screenwriters: Billy Senese

Nightfall Special Jury Prize, Lead Actor
Actor: Ashleigh Morghan
Film: Head Count, dir. Elle Callahan, World Premiere
Screenwriters: Michael Nader

Nightfall Special Jury Prize, Ensemble Cast
Cast: Barak Hardley, Jackie Tohn, Magnús Jónsson, Birna Rún Eiriksdóttir, Tom Wright, Stacey Moseley, Michael Nanfria, Michole Briana White, Bryndís Haraldsdíttir
Film: Spell, dir. Brendan Walter, World Premiere
Screenwriter: Barak Hardley

Award for Short Fiction
Winner: The Passage, dir. Kitao Sakurai

Award for Documentary Short
Winner: One Leg In, One Leg Out, dir. Lisa Rideout
Film Description: A lively, strong-willed sex worker struggles to move from the streets and into a career as a social worker, hoping to help fellow trans sex workers find acceptance.
Web Episodes Jury Award
Winner: Psusy, dir. Anna Duckworth

Audience Award for Fiction Feature Film
Winner: Brian Banks, dir. Tom Shadyac, World Premiere
Screenwriter: Doug Atchison

Audience Award for Documentary Feature Film
Winner: Stuntman, dir. Kurt Mattila, World Premiere
Producers: Steven Golebiowski, Kurt Mattila, Eddie Braun

Audience Award for Music Video
Winner: Clutch, dir. Christopher Ripley

Film Description: A professional athlete's rise and fall from grace.

Audience Award for Short Film
Winner: Weekends, dir. Trevor Jimenez

Audience Award for Episodic Story
Winner: Revenge Tour, dir. Andrew Carter

Audience Award for Episodic Pilot
Winner: 40 & Single, dir. Leila Djansi, World Premiere

Seattle Story Award
Winner: I’m Sorry Happy Birthday, dir. Claire Buss, World Premiere

TikTok Real Short Award
Winner: dir. Ann Lupo
TikTok gave Festival filmmakers the chance to win a $10,000 unrestricted cash grant. Ann’s video addressed the "Why I'm a Filmmaker" prompt with exceptional storytelling through the lens of TikTok, utilizing creator tools to enhance the narrative. Her innovative short, along with all of the submissions, can be found on the Film Independent (@filmindependent) TikTok account. Selected by a special committee assembled by the LA Film Festival programming team.  @LAFilmFestival #LAFilmFestival.

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