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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Watch Red Bull Music’s series Inspire the Night ‘Batekoo’

Watch Red Bull Music’s series Inspire the Night ‘Batekoo’

Red Bull Music unveils the premiere episode of Season Three of Inspire the Night, a docuseries showcasing the lives of the creatives behind the world’s most exciting and progressive nightlife communities.

Season Three, Batekoo, showcases a collective of individuals, each facing their own daily battles with race and gender politics in modern day Brazil. Together, Wesley, Maurício, Artur, Kiara, Juju and Renata have created an inspiringly prolific event that has carved out a very much needed safe space for not only the African and LGBTQ communities within Brazil, but for anyone seeking warmth, love and compassion.

Batekoo is the face of a new generation of activists, creatives, and politicians in Brazil who are challenging heritage institutions and providing a palette for others to feel inspired to do the same. Having expanded from their first parties in Salvador, Batekoo now hosts events in São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and for the first time this year had a huge presence during Carnival called Carnakoo.

For 20 years, Red Bull has been committed to moving culture forward across the globe by giving wings to artists and their ideas. 
A global media company, Red Bull Media House produces, publishes, distributes and licenses high-quality sport, entertainment and educational programming from the areas of Sport & Lifestyle, Nature & Science and Tradition & Inspiration. 

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