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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

TLC’s series “Seeking Sister Wife" sneak peek

Dimitri and Ashley Snowden from Sunday’s (3/3) episode of TLC’s series “Seeking Sister Wife,” which airs 10pm ET/PT. 

Summary:  Dimitri and Ashley have been dating newcomer Vanessa Cobbs this season and they recently took their polygamous relationship to the next level by asking Vanessa to move into their new home in Los Angeles. Now that the moving boxes have been unpacked, Dimitri is ready for the next step…

In this clip, Ashley Snowden considers granting her husband Dimitri permission to start being intimate with potential sister wife Vanessa – but she has one basic (in more ways than one), and non-negotiable, condition. 

#SisterWives #Polygamous #Blackmen #Blackwomen 

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