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Friday, January 31, 2020

Cinematography Roger Deakins brings life to "1917"

Oscar 2020 nominee: Cinematography Roger Deakins

Roger Deakin is a master of shadow and light most evident in his recent work in Sam Mendes’s "1917" the cinematic groundbreaker, which immerses the audience in the horror of war 

"1917" picked up best drama at the Golden Globes;  it made best picture at the PGA awards.

Mendes achieved a technical feat with Deakin that’s so successful it singlehandedly makes the film an unmatchable cinematic achievement. It's under Deakin's direction the film is shot with the camera following the hero, George MacKay’s Lance Corporal Will Schofield; we see the world as he sees it, for almost all of a relentless Ghent-to-Aix odyssey, is what gives the appearance of a single take.

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"1917" has ten Oscar nominations:

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