The Lightning Thief ’s JORREL JAVIER is one to watch: A star in the making. - AmNews Curtain Raiser


Friday, January 3, 2020

The Lightning Thief ’s JORREL JAVIER is one to watch: A star in the making.

The Lightning Thief ’s JORREL JAVIER is one to watch: A star in the making.

I’m convinced that Jorrel Javier is a bonafide rising star even though the young actor has just made his Broadway debut in The Lightning Thief playing both the characters Grover and Dr. D. There is a word for the quality that certain actors possess it’s called the “it” factor, and it’s that “factor” that made John Leguizamo a stand out and Javier is in possession of the “it factor” and more.

While attending the Broadway performance of The Lightning Thief my jaw dropped when Javier took the stage. My eye followed his every movement because he was utterly committed to even the smallest of movements and what left me thunderstruck was the joy that I saw on his face. He was having fun so I was having fun. For me, The Lightning Thief became the Jorrell Javier show.  

Stoked made his Broadway debut in The Lightning Thief (Grover, Mr.D). His regional credits include the world premiere of Fall Springs (Barrington Stage Company), Mamma Mia! (Casa Mañana), In the Heights (Lyric Theatre of Oklahoma, ZACH Theatre). 

Here is what I learned about Jorrel Javier currently knocking them dead on Broadway in The Lightning Thief.

AMSTERDAM NEWS: Jorrel Javier where are you from?
JORREL JAVIER: I was born in the Philippines and I grew up in Southern California.
AMN: California boy. What part?
JJ: Torrance, CA but now I live in New York City (laughing), of course. I’m in the play [The Lightning Thief].
AMS: Correction, you are killing it in the play, The Lightning Thief. Did you attend college for theater?
JJ: I attended Texas State University, under the direction of Kaitlin Hopkins and 
graduated Summa Cum Laude with a BFA in Musical Theatre in 2018.
AMN: 2018! 2018! Oh, my holy cow—you are young. Who did you train with, may I add, hats off to your instructors — and they are?
JJ: (laughing) Thank you, and they are Jim Price, Michael Maresca, Kiira Schmidt, Laura Lane, Darren Gibson, Bob Krakower, and Cassie Abate.
AMN: I’m so proud of you Jorrel. There are not a lot of Filipinos working on Broadway or Hollywood for that matter. Disgusting.
JJ: I agree and thank you for being proud of me. 
AMN: No doubt. We are people of color. I see you. What else do you like to do? Surprise me.
JJ: I love spoken word. In fact, I’m a Spoken Word Artist.
AMN: Ok. I’m surprised. 
JJ: (laughing) I perform at poetry slams and open mics. 
AMN: Do the Hamilton people know this? Ok. Let’s tell them. I see you Jorrel Javier, I see you. 
JJ: This is a fun interview.
AMN: Of course it is, I’m a fan. Surprise me one more time, please.
JJ: I play volleyball player and I’m a foodie. I love all things sweet and packed with flavor, and I love dogs.
AMN: Thank you. I’m going to revisit with you in 2020.

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