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Monday, April 13, 2020

Film Independent Donations will be doubled dollar-for-dollar.... up to $80,000

How do creatives come together in these challenging times?  Glad you asked.  Director Kasi Lemmons,  on our board of Film Independent, is part of an important matching campaign

All donations made to Film Independent on or before April 30 will be doubled dollar-for-dollar, up to $80,000, ensuring our ability to continue to champion creative independence in visual storytelling and support a community of artists who embody diversity, innovation, and uniqueness of vision.

If the community is in a position to support our efforts, please make a donation. The impact will double with a generous $80,000 matching gift provided by Film Independent Board Members and Friends, including Board Chair Mary Sweeney, Adriene Bowles, Eric d’Arbeloff and Howard Cohen, Brenda Gilbert, Vondie Curtis Hall, Dawn Hudson, Marilyn, and Jeffrey Katzenberg, Laura Kim, Sue Kroll, Kasi Lemmons, David Linde, Gail Mutrux, Col and Karen Needham, Alan Poul and Ari Karpel, and additional supporters who choose to be anonymous.

Independent voices are vital to our culture. For 35 years, Film Independent has supported a community of diverse, innovative artists. Now, we ask you to
Becoming a member is a win-win-win.  Here is the link: 

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