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Thursday, August 27, 2020


Black Hair, Identity and Politics are Entwined in 



August 27-Sept. 3

at BLK Docs

(virtual screenings) 


Filmed in New York City, Philadelphia, Paris, and Cape Town, and featuring numerous natural hair experts and media personalities, documentary filmmaker Dr. Gillian Scott-Ward's “Back to Natural,” turns her quest to go ‘natural’ - to not use chemicals, heat, or texturizers to relax or loosen the natural curl pattern of hair -  into an exploration of how Black hair, national & global politics, and racial identity are tightly connected. 

Often empowering for the women, and men, who chose to be so, the film portrays how going natural also raises difficult emotions in how the converted deal with the history of the misconception of Black hair and how it promotes anti-Blackness, and the legal structures that discriminate against those who wear their hair natural.  

“Back to Natural” will screen with BLK Docs from Thursday, August 27th to Thursday, September 3rd at

BLK Docs will host the first live virtual Q&A session on August  27th with Dr. Scott-Ward, documentary interviewee and multi-hyphenate filmmaker Okema T. Moore, and Dr. Wendy Greene, a trailblazing anti-discrimination law scholar, teacher, advocate and author of the forthcoming book, “#FreeTheHair.  A second Q&A takes place on Monday, August 31st, hosted by The Belcourt Theater and the Nashville Scene, and also with Dr. Scott-Ward, natural hair blogger Candice Straughter of, and BLK Docs co-founder Curtis Caesar John. 


2018/USA/66 minutes

Directed by Gillian Scott-Ward, PhD

The shocking truth about the intersection of hair, politics, and racial identity in Black communities is revealed in this documentary, inspired by New York City-based clinical psychologist Gillian Scott-Ward’s clinical practice work and her drive to go natural. This call for healing also serves as an exploration of the globalized policing of natural Black hair while equally celebrating Black history and how natural Black hairstyles are taking the world by storm.

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