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Sunday, December 27, 2020

The Blackhouse Foundation 2021 Television Screenwriting Lab for Black Muslim Writers,


In an effort to elevate the art and narratives of Black Muslim screenwriters, The Blackhouse Foundation announces its official partnership with the MPAC Hollywood Bureau, to present the 2021 Television Screenwriting Lab for Black Muslim Writers.

During a historic moment when representation matters more than ever, the Television Screenwriting Lab for Black Muslim Writers will provide a handful of promising Black Muslim screenwriters the opportunity to hone their craft, tighten their scripts, and prepare them as they advance their careers. Additionally, selected writers will have the opportunity to participate in a three-week lab in March 2021, including one two-hour class and one two-hour workshop per week. 

Applications are open until January 19, 2021.

Regarding the Television Screenwriting Lab for Muslim WritersBlackhouse Board Chair Brickson Diamond commented, "As the world and 2020 whirled around us, Blackhouse saw and recognized the value MPACSue Obeidi, and her team brought to their intersectional constituents. We wanted to be a part of that work with our Black Muslim brothers, sisters, and non-binary folks in the entertainment business. Brighter days are ahead in 2021 only if we create them. We believe this program and partnership will deliver beams of talent and light."

“Impactful narratives have a direct correlation to social justice and how underrepresented communities see themselves and are seen by others. This is why we are honored to be partnering with The Blackhouse Foundation in elevating the talents and profile of Black Muslim creators, whose narratives have been missing for far too long,” said Sue Obeidi, Director of MPAC’s Hollywood Bureau.

The Blackhouse Foundation stands out as a bastion for the most influential and impactful Black writers, directors, producers, crew, actors, and actresses throughout film, television, digital media, and beyond. Be on the lookout for more soon, as The Blackhouse Foundation continues to celebrate and empower underrepresented voices in the world of film.
MPAC’s Hollywood Bureau changes the narrative of Muslims in the industry so that audiences see Muslims as vital contributors to creating social and cultural change. We do this by engaging decision-makers and creatives to improve the quality of authentic, nuanced, and inclusive presentations of Muslims on screen. For more information, please visit
The Blackhouse Foundation works to expand opportunities for Black content creators by providing pathways to opportunities within film, television, digital, and emerging platforms. 

Blackhouse provides opportunities for minority creatives to learn about the financial, production, marketing, and distribution resources that will raise the profile of their content, while also providing participants with a nucleus for continuing support, community, and education. 

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