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Thursday, February 4, 2021

Five Tips on How to Buy Lingerie for Your Special Someone.


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 Five Tips on How to Buy Lingerie for Your Special Someone


One of the most obvious gifts for your special person is also one of the hardest to buy. From the foreign sizing format to the over-the-top frou-frou retail experience, shopping for lingerie for someone else can be quite an intimidating task. To ease your anxieties and make the process a lot easier, we talked with Sarah Chamberlain, Co-Founder and CMO of the sexy lingerie retailer, and put together a list on how to best select these fun and sexy gifts.


  1. LEARN THE LANGUAGE. The lingerie market might seem overwhelming to an outsider but trust us, it breaks down into some very basic categories. First, you have bra and panty sets. Yes, people… there are sets consisting of a bra top and a MATCHING panty of either a brief, bikini, or thong. You also have teddies and bodysuits which look like one-piece bathing suits but usually in lace. And lastly are the babydolls which look like teeny little dresses worn over a matching panty.


  1. FIND HER SIZE. This might be the most difficult task. You will need to raid her closet and look at what size she wears. Bras are the most difficult as they are sized by band (circumference of the ribcage) followed by the cup (size of breast) and usually look like 32A, 34B, 36C, etc. For everything else, it’s usually small, medium, large, all the way up to 6X, which is much easier to determine. Whatever you do, do not take a guess on this!


  1. KNOW HER LIMITS. Hopefully, you know this person well enough to know what styles they like. Are they into super “risqué” looks and would love a crotchless panty? Or are they more modest where a satin robe would more fitting (and just as sexy)? Sarah says, “One of our best-selling styles is the Sexy Bow Teddy which is HOT but may not be for everyone. Something like the Satin and Lace Babydoll would be great for someone that likes a little more coverage and it’s just as fun!”


  1. SET THE MOOD. You can’t just buy the lingerie and leave out the experience. If you’re going all out with a satin set or something that feels more formal, set the mood for that with some candles and a decadent dessert or an elegant cocktail. If you went for something more fun and casual, then pack a picnic and have it by the fireplace.


  1. WHEN IN DOUBT… go with something simple. A lace-trimmed robe or even some sexy sleepwear all work really well. They’re easy to fit, easy to wear, and always tasteful. “A nice robe or pajama set feels really luxurious and who doesn’t love a luxury gift? It’s a great way to treat them to something special,” says Sarah.
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