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Monday, March 8, 2021

Beirut DC, Diversity & Inclusion


Beirut DC, recently re-launched a non-profit streaming platform aflamuna. The aim of which is to provide free access to Arab Independent cinema to audiences worldwide, stemming from our firm belief in the right of access to culture, and the importance of self-representation of Arab narratives on the world stage.

Aflamuna (“our films” in Arabic) is a nonprofit streaming platform, made by Beirut DC, to share Independent Arab Cinema with audiences across the World. Each month, a new curator explores a social, political, or cultural theme through a hand-picked selection of cult, contemporary, classic, and independent Arab films. Every week, a new film is made available to our subscribers. Aflamuna is also a space for socio-political and critical thought around independent Arab cinema. Original essays unravel the context, power, and impact of each program, and explore their relevance to the present moment. We are hard at work on expanding aflamuna even further. Join us on this unique cinematic journey! 

Beirut DC is an internationally established organization striving to empower filmmakers and audiences from every corner of the Arab world. We believe in the power of film as a driver for change, in access to independent cinema as a right to all communities, across class and culture, and in the right of Arab artists to choose their own narratives. We create resources, events, and virtual and physical spaces that bring filmmakers, communities and civil society closer, paving the way for radical and transformative collaboration.

The first film program on aflamuna is entitled "Are we All Fidayeen?", curated by Lebanese filmmaker and film historian Hady Zaccak. The program tackles Palestinian resistance in Arab cinema and comprises 4 feature films and 3 shorts.. As Zaccak puts it, “Cinema might be a militant operation in light of all the challenges facing us today, but it is a necessary act of resistance.” The first film, available until Sunday night is OFF FRAME AKA REVOLUTION UNTIL VICTORY- by Mohanad Yaqubi.

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