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Thursday, June 17, 2021



Fathers. Good fathers. They are everything. They would wrestle sharks and knockout alligators to keep you safe. Marvel and DC superheroes are fun but it’s the real fathers, who are, in every sense of the word — our superheroes. 

Here are a few gift ideas that I think might surprise the Father in your life. I’m not suggesting he won’t love another tie (he has a draw full) or enjoy more teeshirts (can you ever have enough tee shirts?). I’m just providing some options that might help add an element of surprise to Father’s Day especially after COVID-19, you might want to get more creative in showing him just how special he is to your — everything!

GoPro HERO9 Black 

GoPro HERO9 BLACK — $399.99 without a subscription — https://gopro.com/en/us/shop/cameras/hero9-black/CHDHX-901-master.html

This GoPro HERO9 gives your dad the ability to capture family memories, epic moments, or simply document the things they love most. The HERO9 will allow more control over what they capture, with its new front-facing display and larger rear display. Plus, with features like HindSight, he will never miss a hilarious family moment or a child’s first step. GoPro HERO9 Black is $349.98 with a 1-year subscription to GoPro, OR $399.99 without a subscription. Available at Amazon, GoPro.com 


The New BodyGym - $120 — https://www.thepresshook.com/brands/bodygym

Because his health is important try this all-in-one fitness system you can do anywhere. BODYGYM is designed for convenience and durability. The patented bar weighs under 3 lbs and folds to a length of 17 ¼”, making it the perfect on-the-go workout partner.


AMERICAN PROVENANCE — Men’s Gift Set $25 — https://americanprovenance.com/products/mens-gift-sets

These products are perfect for the adventurous and active Dad that needs strong sweat protection, wants to expel toxins, minerals, and other substances from their bodies.  All sets include a full-sized Deodorant, travel Body Wash, and choice of travel Aftershave or Beard Oil.

Available in four popular scents: Fastballs & Fisticuffs (Lemongrass, Bergamot, Marjoram), Firepits & Flannels (Wintergreen, Fir, Cedar), Horseshoes & Hand Grenades (Ylang Ylang, Bergamot, Clove), Shotguns & Shenanigans (Peppermint, Cypress, Eucalyptus).

Raycon — Everyday Earbuds $79.99 — https://www.instagram.com/rayconglobal/

Co-Founded by music mogul Ray J and CEO Ray Lee, Raycon. Raycon is the authority on high-quality, affordable wireless audio products. Raycon’s mission is to make great technology accessible to all. This year https://rayconglobal.com/ teamed up with InMotion, the largest airport-based retailer in the country, for its first brick and mortar retail partner. 

MEATER Plus by Apption Labs — $99— http://www.MEATER.com/

World’s first truly wireless leave-in meat thermometer with internal and external temperature sensors to ensure perfectly prepared meat for any meal.  MEATER.com, Newegg.com, amazon.com          

Instagram: @meatermade



THE 48 LAWS OF POWER by Robert Greene

In a TikTok video I learned that The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene is banned in U.S. prisons, so — naturally — I had to find out why. What I discovered (in my opinion) is America’s playbook. Duplicitous. Scheming and always thirsty for more power. Why read it? It’s smart to know your enemies. 

Robert Greene asserts that whether you like it or not, you’re part of a never-ending game of power. 

RICH DAD POOR DAD by Robert Kiyosaki

In the 20th Anniversary Edition of this classic, Robert offers an update on what we’ve seen over the past 20 years related to money, investing, and the global economy. Sidebars throughout the book will take readers “fast forward” — from 1997 to today and teaches you what to teach your kids about money for their future financial


BLOOD GROVE (Easy Rawlins Book 15) by Walter Mosely

"Master of craft and narrative" Walter Mosley returns with this crowning achievement in the Easy Rawlins saga, in which the iconic detective's loyalties are tested on the sun-soaked streets of Southern California (National Book Foundation) 

It is 1969, and flames can be seen on the horizon, protest wafts like smoke through the thick air, and Easy Rawlins, the Black private detective whose small agency finally has its own office, gets a visit from a white Vietnam veteran. The young man comes to Easy with a story that makes little sense. He and his lover, a beautiful young woman, were attacked in a citrus grove at the city’s outskirts. He may have killed a man, and the woman and his dog are now missing. Inclined to turn down what sounds like nothing but trouble, Easy takes the case when he realizes how damaged the young vet is from his war experiences—the bond between veterans superseding all other considerations.


Blood Grove is a novel of vast scope and intimate insight, and a soulful call for justice by any means necessary.



A visual celebration of Academy Award®–winner SPIKE LEE’s career to be published in November 2021 ($50). This deluxe hardcover book cover is the first career-spanning monograph on this iconic filmmaker. For the first time, Spike Lee completely opened his archive, giving fans an inside look at his work and his creative process. Taking readers film by film—from his first feature, She’s Gotta Have It, through last year’s Da 5 Bloods—the book is packed with film stills and never-before-seen photographs, as well as extensive quotes and captions by Spike Lee. 

For more information or to preorder: www.chroniclebooks.com/spikelee 

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