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Monday, June 21, 2021

Two Former Hollywood Rivals, ET’s Kevin Frazier and Access Hollywood’s Tony Potts Team Up; Sign POC Joint Venture

Two Former Hollywood Rivals, ET’s  Kevin Frazier and Access Hollywood’s Tony Potts  Team Up; Sign POC Joint Venture
Entertainment Tonight (CBS) host Kevin Frazier and former Access Hollywood (NBC) host Tony Potts are uniting their respective companies, Kevin Frazier Productions (KFP) and The Content Artists (TCA). Today the TV frontmen announce a joint venture to accelerate KFP’s cutting-edge and red-hot POC-themed IP and expand its reach into The Content Artists’ massive DOOH content distribution network. 
“Tony and I have known each other for 20-plus years. We’ve always wanted to find a way to work together and this is the perfect opportunity,” says Frazier. 
Frazier and Potts have a long history of creating must-see, A-list, and brand-friendly content for millions under tight deadlines on a daily basis. The former rivals now look to combine their proven audience attention-grabbing content creation in this new venture.
“We’ve created brand-friendly formats and TCA has established this impressive and strategic Nielsen-verified distribution network  --- so it’s a win/win,” adds Frazier. 
“Kevin and his team are super-innovative in creating targeted, value-filled content and I’m excited to bring our reach into this partnership,” says Potts. “Add to the fact that TCA co-founder, Canaan Rubin, worked with Kevin for years at CBS, and helped run his studio - Canaan’s very much the glue that brought this together.”
KFP and TCA will hit the travel and entertainment news space first, with two shows already created and ready to go to market.  
“The team at KFP have been creating outstanding, original POC-themed IP for 10 plus years - and we’re excited at the opportunity to help scale up cross-platform distribution and engage brands,” says TCA co-founder, Canaan Rubin.
Supervising production across all formats for Kevin Frazier Productions is Executive Producer Eric Berry. “Kevin and I are thrilled about this partnership. We understand the importance of the work we create and are already full-speed ahead on other projects in the pipeline.” 

The Content Artists is a global content incubation and acceleration media company with a current Nielsen verified distribution network of TBC-M. TCA has an in-house format factory to match brands with attention-grabbing content. Potts and Rubin have a history of more than 8,000 shows, 12,000 pieces of content, and deep Hollywood and brand relationships.
KFP focuses on crafting engaging entertainment and lifestyle content. Kevin and Eric have worked together for over 20 years overseeing the production of over 15,000 unique content pieces. We provide an incomparable multi-media experience for our audience and advertisers. KFP’s goal is to make sure content is delivered in an efficient and timely manner while retaining quality and substance. 


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