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Sunday, September 5, 2021

“We Rise Up” — challenges US to change the world into a place for all of us.


“WeRiseUp” — challenges US to change the world into a place for all of us.

The documentary “We Rise Up” is part of a larger movement and a cultural shift. A well-constructed and swift moving film, it positions itself as a new model that will help the world become successful. These are the goals, at the very least, of the filmmaker's director Michael Shaun Conaway, and producers Kate Maloney and Alex Melnyk. It’s clear that all of those interviewed care enough, to be honest about what makes them tick.  

 “WeRiseUp” documents how the world is transitioning from a primary motive of consumption to a primary drive of contribution. It asks and steps into possible answers on how we, as human beings, can be successful, in a way, that helps others and not just ourselves. This movie speaks to the people that understand that we are all attached to all life, on this planet. 

It’s understood and is common knowledge that our current models are utterly inadequate and to support the future requires deep, critical thought and the strength to act upon these changes. “WeRiseUp” also raises the larger question, which is — what is success?

“WeRiseUP” includes leading business, entertainment, voices of global citizens, and thought leaders from all walks of life, exploring new personal, systemic, and collective models of success, prosperity, and contribution. Further, they ask the more important question (which we should ask ourselves) which is what will it take for humanity to create a thriving future? 

“WeRiseUP” ’s style is simple but effective transitioning between intimate dialogue to cinematically stunning visuals and music-driven sections, and it’s a bold and radical departure from the expert-driven documentary, and it settles, beautifully, in a series of significant and profound personal journal entries and a glimpse at the answer of how to change this world for the better.

“WeRiseUP” has no issue sitting in the uncomfortable truths, like that we live in a world filled with outrageous pain. Due to excessive greed by corporations and people, we continue to negatively impact the earth we all share. To that end, we are challenged by extinction — worldwide — and we can’t look away from the unbearable suffering. In the face of pain, we close our hearts.

And yet — there is no denying that this world is beautiful and there are millions of human beings that perform acts of kindness, with generous and courageous hearts. And hearts filled with love, the most powerful force in the universe. 


 We — the collective “we” — are standing at a cross-walk. Our future is ify but there are things we can do to change the negative into the positive. 


 The people featured in “We Rise Up” are rising up, shaking up their lives, 

 taking matters into their own hands, stepping into acts of outrageous love, and demonstrating the courage to reshape the world. It’s not a group of words printed on a holiday card — there are millions of people who are creating the future they want, daring to suggest the changes that will work for everyone. These people are filled with faith and are evolving the source of the code of evolution.  

But the question looms over humanity — and the question is for me, and for you: What will you do?

“WeRiseUP” earned Best Documentary, Sydney Indie Film Festival (20190, Best Impact Film, AIFA Fest (2019), Best Editing Feature Film AIFA Fest (2019), and Best Green Film - LIFFT INDIE FILMOTSAV (2019). It also screened at Byron Bay International Film Festival, San Diego Film Festival, American International Film and Art Festival, Oldenburg International Film Festival, Spirit Film Festival, Israel, Atlanta DocuFest, Reel East Texas Film Festival, Gold Coast Film Festival, Arizona, Sedona International Film Festival, Transitions Film Festival, Australia, Julien Dubuque International Film Festival, Iowa, and Brazil CineFest.

Director Michael Shaun Conaway, shared this:  Over the past five years, I have had the fortune to interview some of the brightest, most insightful, heartfelt, inspiring entrepreneurs, thinkers, and leaders of our times. Each one of over a hundred and fifty interviews was driven by a passionate curiosity about emerging cultural changes. At times, I felt more like an anthropologist than a filmmaker, uncovering layers of meaning and behavior in order to discover a greater whole. There were times when I wondered if it was even possible to make a movie from the insights we were discovering.”

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