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Friday, November 12, 2021

Fashion Reverie Magazine - looks at new fashion

Fashion Reverie Magazine, one of the best-kept secrets on the fashion web-o-sphere, took the opportunity to reinvent, reignite & relaunch. The fearless leader behind this charge is none other than William S. Gooch, the founder & Editor-in-Chief of the website, now on the verge of entering its 10th year since it launched in 2012.

During the pandemic, Gooch took the quarantine culture as a reason to launch “Fashion Reverie Talks”, the live-action complement to the content on the principle site, Since the show debuted on August 24th, 2020, the show taped 22 episodes in its first season with interviews with fashion designers, personalities, stage stars & commentary from the show’s hosts filling each episode. After a summer hiatus, Gooch shook up the formula & moved the show to a Podcast format & launched season two on the UBNgo network, expanding the show’s footprint to include iHeartRadio, Spotify & Apple podcast distribution channels globally.


View all the episodes of Fashion Reverie Talks at this link.


“There are some exciting things happening at Fashion Reverie. "Fashion Reverie Talks" the bi-weekly Zoom-based talk show, now has a new production team, United Broadcasting Network (UBNgo). With this new production team viewers can expect a more streamlined production, better quality with several high-tech touches,” says William Gooch, executive producer.


Along with the expansion of “Fashion Reverie Talks” onto new global platforms, Gooch announced that the magazine has once again begun shooting live, fully produced & staffed, on set editorial content, which was a hallmark of the publication before the pandemic forced such shoots to be shutdown. The first such editorial shoot is set to appear on the site in November. The idea for the shoot, entitled “The New Masculinity” explores the juxtaposition of new trends in menswear and changing attitudes toward masculinity. During the downtime, William S. Gooch came to realize that consumers were re-evaluating social norms, culture, & self-expression. With this new fashion editorial, encapsulates all the evolving norms of new masculinity as expressed through fashion & style. 

“Though this "new masculinity' is an expansion of male social norms, it is by no means a rebellion. This fashion editorial demonstrates the evolution of masculine style and self-expression. Following the prophetic word of the iconic fashion editor Diana Vreeland, "Fashion is part of the daily air and it changes all the time, with all the events. You can even see the approaching of a revolution in clothes. You can see and feel everything in clothes." "Fashion Reverie Talks" will showcase the behind-the-scenes of this new fashion editorial.,” says William S. Gooch.

As if this weren’t enough, the magazine also updated its logo (see new logo above) & will be phasing the new logo over the coming months, beginning with the opening credits of the Fashion Reverie Talks episode being taped next week. 

Fashion Reverie, like the industry it serves, is forever changing & forever striving to remain timely.  Like the great designers that fill the pages of the site, to sit still is to be relegated to history.  To make history, one must change & remain vigilant in pursuit of the new & yet to be experienced. Gooch & his team at Fashion Reverie are not content to have “been”, instead preferring to “be” or “becoming”.  With the spirit of forward momentum, Gooch is feeling as the post-pandemic fashion world awaits, great things are on the horizon for Fashion Reverie & all its legions of loyal fans.

Fashion Reverie was founded in 2012 by noted style expert William S. Gooch.  Since its inception, Fashion Reverie has prided itself on providing content that seeks to “take the reader from the front lines to the front row” of fashion.  Gooch set about to provide an insider perspective on the fashion industry through daily content centered around everything that is happening in the fashion industry.  From in-depth feature stories and stunningly shot, original editorials, to news and reviews from the runway, Fashion Reverie presents the full story behind today’s most relevant brands, trends, and events.

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