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Sunday, November 7, 2021

“Go Chase Yourself” a boring supernatural story that goes nowhere!

 “Go Chase Yourself” begins with a nightmare. A young woman, Maria (Amanda Rodriguez) is seemingly fighting off an assault of some sort. Whatever she’s facing in her dreamscape isn’t pretty or welcome.

As she packs up her car to roll out to meet the “love of her life”, Rob (Jason Gervasio) there is a cut to an exterior shot of a group of young men (wearing silly masks) committing a robbery of a brinks truck.  

In reviewing director Patrick Jerome’s statement, he provides that his inspiration for “Go Chase Yourself” is “this story is fictional and inspired from Haitian fairytale of mothers in families that possess guidance from supernatural energy.”

The story is poorly structured and the director has made no real attempt in introducing us to the main character instead he just thrusts us into a crisis of a young woman that may or may not be witnessing a supernatural event or she may be having a mental breakdown. It’s hard to tell because the setup is weak. 

Now to the look of the film. Visually it’s boring and makes me wonder if this was shot on a video camera. I am sure it’s not but that’s the feeling because it’s so flat. The sound is hollow and the music inserted for dramatic impact is jarring and takes you right out of the story. The acting is flat. The script is weak and the dialogue does not give us an idea of what the story is about. All of the scenes assembled lead us to nothing. 

In short “Go Chase Yourself” is boring the director’s description of the film is more exciting than the actual end product.

Below is what Patrick Jerome says about “Go Chase Yourself” — but buyer beware — this is not the film he actually made. 

“This film is based on a Haitian fairytale of witches, premonitions, and supernatural events. Filmed mostly outdoors, he crafts the script and the production around Covid restrictions in the Boston area. The production worked on an incredibly tight time window between the opening of businesses from Covid and the beginning of the brutal Boston winters.“

I salute Jerome’s ability to make a movie because millions of people just talk about it so kudos to the spirit of the storyteller. Hopefully, the next time he steps into a story that leans into his Haitian upbringing where he will focus on supernatural energy, he will take the opportunity to structure a solid three-act story. 

“Go Chase Yourself” is only 85 minutes and it’s a boring 85 minutes from beginning to end. 

Starring Amanda Rodriguez, Jason Gervasio, Gretel Munday, Kathy-Ann Hart, Anthony Hoang , Vac Harris, Cynthia Salazar, and Sam Zephir. Directed by Patrick Jerome and produced by Juri Love. 

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