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Friday, November 5, 2021

Replica’s Jazz Club by Maison Margiela — A Fragrance that Whiffs of Jazz

Replica’s Jazz Club by Maison Margiela — A Fragrance that Whiffs of Jazz

In my search to understand fragrance, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that this quest was attached to Mother Africa. 

First, perfume is thousands of years old with one of the most ancient uses coming from the burning of aromatic herbs, and incense. Often these scents include frankincense, aromatic gums, juniper, ginger, rose, myrrh, peppermint, henna, cinnamon, and others, all gathered from Mother Nature herself. 

The word perfume – per fumum, Latin for through smoke and it was our people — Africans — who were the first to incorporate perfume into their culture. The ancient Carthaginians, Arabs, Greeks, Romans, Chinese, and Hindus followed. 

Always resourceful, our people soaked aromatic wood, gum, and resins in oil and water and used the liquid as a fragrant body lotion. This gives me a warm feeling, thinking about all the times my grandmother insisted that I lotion my body — “dont you go out ashy, baby”. 

As in nature, things began to grow there was an introduction of unguents and its well recorded that the San people of Southern Africa made unguents by using dried and powdered leaves of Buchu mixed with sheep fat to anoint bodies. 

To anoint ( ) , it seems, has always been an important part of religious ceremonies around the world. And the use of ochre to anoint the body marries that historical footprint. There is early evidence that was discovered at the site of the Blombos Cave in the Eastern Cape. Their archaeologists discovered two pieces of ochre with geometrical crosshatch engravings that have been dated to 

approximately 75000 years ago. 

Other popular fragrances used in Southern Africa included; seedpods, wild geranium, evening flower of the Sandveld, wild freesia, wild jasmine, kukumakranka-flowers, and the seedpods, to name a few. 

Now I understand my journey to explore and review fragrances. 

As the fall season moves aside for the winter months, our attention often turns to fragrances that have a more robust aroma and Maison Margiela Replica Jazz Club is a delicious answer. 

Replicas Jazz Club was inspired by the adrenaline and joy associated with jazz. Imagine the excitement of being given the address of an exclusive Brooklyn jazz club. Thats the goal of this fragrance.  

On the bottle under provenance and period, its listed Brooklyn, 2013. Under fragrance description: heady cocktails and cigars. Under style description: memory in fragrance. 

Extend your wrist. Apply the first squirt and inhale. Close your eyes and step inside a Jazz Club, the music settling around your heart, relaxing you as you slip into the comfy armchairs. 

Wait until Jazz Club has dried down on your skin before smelling it. Rubbing your skin after spraying the perfume will destroy the bond and alter the scent.

Imagine rubbing their wrists together absolutely unaware that it would actually destroy Jazz Club’s exquisite top notes of Primofiore Lemon, Pink Pepper, Neroli Oil, and the middle notes of ClarySage Oil, Rum Absolute, Java Vetiver Oil, and finally, as it settles, the base notes of StyraxResin, Tobacco Leaf Absolute, Vanilla Bean.

Here are some solid fragrance tips to help you enjoy your fragrances choices: 

Tip 1: As damp skin locks in the scent, apply the fragrance straight after showering or bathing and before getting dressed.

Tip 2: Apply the fragrance on your pulse points for a more seductive effect and stronger diffusion. Spray the fragrance from at least 15-20 centimeters from the area of application.

Tip 3: For a more diffused effect, spray the fragrance in the air and walk through it.

Tip 4: Remember rubbing the skin after spraying the perfume will destroy the bond and alter the scent.  —

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