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Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Music executive Sarsha Venord promoted to President of Tricky Bizness Entertainment

Music executive Sarsha Venord promoted to President of Tricky Bizness Entertainment

Tricky Bizness Entertainment has promoted music executive Sarsha Venord from Vice President of Operations to President of the entertainment conglomerate. Vernod started as an assistant in 2010 and since then has been responsible for the company elevating the careers of some of the biggest names in music. Tricky Montgomery praised Venord’s tenacity in securing deals and opportunities for the company’s roster of talent. “Whether she is negotiating a deal or advocating on a client’s behalf with a record label, she shows up consistently in the best interest of our clients,” Montgomery says. “This promotion was a natural progression based on Sarsha’s unrelenting commitment to our talent.”

Venord is excited about the new position, but more importantly, believes it gives her more of an opportunity to help others. “This means a lot to me for several reasons. I get the opportunity to get up every day and do what I love by helping others achieve their dreams. I always wanted to work in the music industry, and I feel very grateful to be here today.” Starting as an assistant with the company allowed Venord to learn the company culture from the ground up and she attributes the hands-on education with her many successes over the years. “I’m looking forward to delivering even more successes, taking our artists to the next level, and working with new talent. It’s also very important for me to mentor younger women as they learn and grow in their careers.”

Montgomery acknowledges the challenge of being a woman in a male-dominated industry often added additional challenges to Venord’s career track. “I know it hasn’t always been easy being a female executive in entertainment; initially she dealt with a lot of pushbacks but she stood her ground and weathered the storm. I’ve always felt it was my responsibility as the owner of the company, to move the needle and make sure she received the proper respect as her position grew and she took on more responsibility.”

Venord’s new appointment is time-sensitive as Tricky Bizness Entertainment is progressively transitioning into other genres and spaces. “In addition to new music projects, we’re in the process of working on several TV/Film projects for our clients. We have clients entering the metaverse and working on NFT's so we’re gearing up for that this spring. It’s an exciting time,” Venord shares.

Tricky Bizness Entertainment represents record-breaking rap star NLE Choppa (Warner), Unghetto Mathieu (Epic), chart-topping producer Da Honorable CNote, Grammy award-winning singer-songwriter Crystal Nicole and 3oh Black (Virgin Music). The company plans on introducing several new artist projects over the upcoming months.


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