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Wednesday, March 23, 2022

‘The Issue with Elvis’ - Something here, for sure!


‘The Issue with Elvis’ - Something here, for sure!

There is something here in this indie film “The Issue with Elvis”. The story centers around a young boy, wise beyond his years, and a scientist,  rather odd man, a reclusive. In the end, they both become friends. This might sound like a simple story, and it is, but there is smart writing and solid performances. 

Written by director Dr. Charlotte Wincott, who cast her son and husband in the lead roles, she made this film for $25,000 which is practically unheard of! And to be frank, it’s inspiring for a myriad of reasons and should not be missed. 

It’s no surprise that “The Issue With Elvis” caught the eye and has garnered acclaim on the festival circuit. It’s a solid film and is now available worldwide via a digital release which began on March 15.

Dr. Mercer (Jeff Wincott) is a retired botanist with a special interest in mushrooms and fungi. There is no getting around the fact that he’s a longer and enjoys the simple life in rural West Virginia. On his walk to collect samples, he crosses paths with a runaway, boy (Wolfgang Wincott) a challenging family background.

The professor realizes that the boy, who calls himself Elvis, has been abandoned but has a maturity that doesn’t match his young age. To that end, he communicates with Elvis, treating him as an equal, flowing drawing him into a conversation, and slowly learning how Elvis is living on his own. 

Are they both lost souls? I am going to venture and answer — yes — and the development of a friendship between the two is what the film is about, with much of this being communicated through spirited dialogue. There’s a lot to like here because the professor, aka the grown-up, never talks down to Elvis, aka the kid, and feeling that respect and equality, Elvis feels free to speak his mind.

Another interesting element of this story is that Elvis isn’t looking for a father. He’s clear that he has one. Elvis’ problem is that his father is trying to deal with severe mental illness, and the child doesn’t know where his father is. The great news is that Dr. Mercer can help Elvis with that and in the end, 

Elvis can help Dr. Mercer rediscover a sense of purpose.

“The Issue With Elvis” is a solid, character-driven drama work because it addresses the issues around mental illness with respect, and care.

“The Issue With Elvis” won more than a dozen awards for acting, directing, and screenplay, and three for Best Feature. Remember this debut narrative feature was made for $25,000 and written, directed, shot, and edited by Dr. Charlotte Wincott who has a Ph.D. in neuroscience. 

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