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Sunday, April 3, 2022

Movie Money CONFIDENTIAL the doc that tells you how to get your money!

Movie Money CONFIDENTIALis that small, indie voice that invites you to listen, and hopefully hear something you might need to know, or that you might need to remember as it relates to finding money for your indie film journey.

The doc begins with film financing expert Louise Levison, who wrote herself into the cinematic history books in creating the business plan for The Blair Witch Project, which turned out to be one of the most profitable independent films of all time, despite being an utter disappointment for most fans. There is a lot of wisdom to be gleaned from the way Levison takes down the lies, and myths choosing, instead to present the truth behind a very essential document. It’s also a fact that part of the success of this poorly made film was a brilliant marketing campaign, and that campaign was part of that business plan she put together. 

I enjoyed it. I wished there was more diversity and inclusion in the subjects speaking but knowledge is knowledge. Offering their stories was a constantly evolving roundtable Scott duPont, Levison, and the film’s director Rick Pamplin. Again, there is a lot of solid information exchanged, and all of it — is important to know. 

What I like best, is that Movie Money CONFIDENTIAL did not try to sugarcoat the experience, in fact, it seems, they were intent on giving the viewer the “ugly” side of the film industry. And the doc works because it allows the viewers to enter a world they are most likely unfamiliar with. 

In the film, it’s an interesting and surprising treat to see legend Burt Reynolds shares his views about film financing and also, Salma Hayek speaks about an animated film that’s been nearly forgotten. 

Movie Money CONFIDENTIAL stays on the key points of its theme which is the goal of getting the money to tell your stories. And the most important part of this money chasing process is that you must believe in the film with every fiber of your being. 

In the end Movie Money CONFIDENTIAL is a solid source of inspiration and information for young storytellers who want to take the next steps into getting an idea from the page, to the screen. 

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