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Monday, July 25, 2022

Movie podcast Blank Check with Griffin & David chop it up with producer Lin-Manuel Miranda

Movie podcast Blank Check with Griffin & David is thrilled to have songwriter, actor, director, and producer Lin-Manuel Miranda as this week’s guest for their series on the films of Bob Fosse. Miranda – who executive produced FX’s 2019 miniseries Fosse/Verdon – joins the podcast to discuss Fosse’s 1979 landmark film All That Jazz, which starred Roy Scheider in a role closely modeled after Fosse himself. Miranda also played Scheider in the miniseries’ retelling of the making of that film.

Lin-Manuel surprises hosts Griffin Newman and David Sims by bringing along an original draft of the script for All That Jazz and offers some fascinating insights into Fosse’s blurring of the lines between memoir and fiction. Additionally, he discusses the parallels between All That Jazz and his directorial debut film tick, tick…BOOM!, two projects that are concerned with the creation of art in the face of mortality and self-doubt. With humorous anecdotes about “the homie John Kander” and behind-the-scenes details about his day-to-day process rehearsing for Hamilton, the episode is a treat for both theater lovers and cinephiles alike.

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Other recent guests for the Fosse series – which is winkingly titled “Pod That Jazzcast” – include actress Rachel Zegler (West Side Story), and comedian Colin Quinn (Saturday Night Live). Julie Klausner (Difficult People, the Double Threat podcast) will appear on next week’s episode due out on Sunday, July 31.


Blank Check is a podcast about filmographies; specifically those of Hollywood directors who achieved massive success early on, and thus were given a series of “blank checks” to make whatever crazy passion projects they wanted. As hosts Griffin Newman and David Sims state every episode – sometimes those checks clear, and sometimes they bounce, baby!


Since 2015, the podcast has covered 26 directors (such as M. Night Shyamalan, the Wachowskis, Nancy Meyers, Christopher Nolan, John Carpenter, and Jane Campion), devoting an episode to each film in their oeuvre, as well as the occasional off-topic bonus episode. As each director-focused miniseries plows through their filmography, Griffin and David add to their growing repertoire of recurring jokes, praises, and frustrations about each filmmaker. Blank Check with Griffin & David is a show that new listeners can pick up at any point, and is packed with a wealth of in-jokes that inspire them to delve into its back catalogs.

Griffin Newman is an actor and comedian from New York City. You can currently catch him as the voice of Orko on Netflix’s Masters of the Universe: Revelation. Other notable acting credits include Amazon’s The Tick, HBO’s Vinyl, and TBS’s Search Party. David Sims is currently a staff writer at The Atlantic, where he covers film and culture. He successfully balances writing and podcasting with his latest role – fatherhood.

Instagram: @BlankCheckPod


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