Eradication’ — a budget of only $5,000 — with zombies a Tubi Original and available free on their platform where it’s available! - AmNews Curtain Raiser


Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Eradication’ — a budget of only $5,000 — with zombies a Tubi Original and available free on their platform where it’s available!


Eradication’ — a budget of only $5,000 — with zombies a Tubi Original and available free on their platform where it’s available!

“Eradication” had a slender budget of only $5,000 which means they could not produce a horde of ravenous, fast-moving zombies. Keeping the cast to five, the director created solid suspense and hammered the question of what’s next in a creative, and effective manner. This is a solid, microbudget pandemic film and it was crafted well enough to get acquired and labeled a Tubi Original. 

What makes it work is that it has a measured pace but the lack of gory blood action won’t be for everyone, but those who enjoy a softer zombie tale will find it worth their time. Believe me, there are enough genuinely creepy moments to keep the viewer entertained. 

Because the film is a Tubi Original, it’s available free on their platform and you can check the film’s Facebook page for announcements of its availability elsewhere.

“Eradication” clocks in at the fifty-minute mark with a major revelation that properly kicks the film into its final act.

Most horror films don’t lean on logic so we excuse a lot in watching them but what I wish this film would have done was to make it clear what concerned the plague victims with some having no issue with sunlight while others reacted like traditional vampires. 

“Eradication” opens with a gas-masked, terrified couple running through the woods, one falls and without warning, turns, and gets hit in the eye with a flying arrow. 

From there we go to the movie credits that are followed by graphic scenes of destruction and an excerpt from news broadcasts telling us how horrific the situation has become. 

Fast-forward, two years into the pandemic and David (Harry Aspinwall) is the only human known to have contracted the virus and lived so keeping him alive and isolated is vital as his blood might be the key in developing a cure. 

Isolated, the only connection to humanity and love are the 

video calls from his wife Sam (Anita Abdinezhad) one of the clever epidemiologists that are studying his blood. And then the calls stop coming, he’s left to fear the absolute worse. 

Director Daniel Byers, who co-wrote the script with Aspinwall,  marks his feature debut with “Eradication” having only a handful of short films and documentaries under his belt. 

Eventually, David sees firsthand what happened to those that were infected which is essentially turning them into flesh-craving zombies and he’s saved, in the nick of time, from a fate more horrible than death by an arrow from an unseen archer and sprints back to his cabin.

Cabin fever sinks in and David grows paranoid and begins living inside his hallucinations, smashing all of the kitchen timers he used to keep him on schedule. He breaks protocol, discards his instructions, and ventures out to explore the cabin eventually finding the bodies of the couple from the prologue.

While the film suffers from the tiny, tiny budget the director has done a bang-up job with what he had. 

“Eradication” is a Tubi Original and available free on their platform where it’s available.


  1. It would have been nice if we had gotten a little more information about the people behind the drones and the deal his woman made with them. When was she turned into a vampire or is this a new type of zombie we have never seen before? There are mixed messages in the plot. The creature we see in the photo gets hit with an arrow directly to his heart killing him, if he was a zombie this wouldn't kill him but an arrow to the heart will kill a vampire. I Kinda wish they had given us more on the woman and how she came to be. Still worth watching.

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