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Tuesday, October 11, 2022

NYC Winter Lantern Festival is returning to New York - Check It Out

Photo Credit: Kaleido Arts & Entertainment Group


Staten Island, Queens, Nassau County, and Suffolk County will host Chinese-inspired vibrant winter lantern installations, all with different themes and experiences for the whole family

 NYC Winter Lantern Festival is returning to New York for the 2022 holiday season starting in October and is adding NEW locations this year including the Queens County Farm Museum, SIUH Community Park in Staten Island, Nassau County Museum of Art in Roslyn, and Smithtown Historical Society in Suffolk County. Created by Kaleido Arts & Entertainment Group, NYC Winter Lantern Festival will open throughout the fall on various dates based on location, featuring a total of over 10,000 LED Chinese-inspired artisan lanterns, along with live performances at select locations and on-site food vendors. 

Tickets are available now at, and for a limited time, 30% is available off now until November 11 with the promo “EARLYP.”


“Lantern festivals have been a part of Chinese culture and history for thousands of years, honoring our ancestors and celebrating peace, prosperity, and good fortune,” said Haokun Liu, Partner of Kaleido Arts & Entertainment Group. “We are thrilled to bring back the NYC Winter Lantern Festival now in its fourth year, expand to new locations, introduce all visitors to the beauty of these artisan installations, and have the show become part of New York’s cultural holiday tradition.”


NYC Winter Lantern Festival will feature over ten thousand of handmade Chinese lanterns created by over one hundred artists, illuminated by LED lights that can reach up to 30 feet high across a total of 60 acres. See the full descriptions of each immersive, illuminated experience below.


·         “Journey to the East” at SIUH Community Park (Staten Island Ferry Hawks Stadium), located at 75 Richmond Terrace in Staten Island near Empire Outlets – Available from October 21, 2022, to January 8, 2023, visitors can walk and wander through a world inspired by Chinese myths and legends including a larger-than-life handmade lantern display of Sun Wukong, the Monkey King. In addition, lantern displays will include an animal kingdom, sea world, and illuminated tunnels. There will also be illuminated (rideable) swings, food vendors, and great photo ops! From October 21, 2022, to December 23, 2022, hours are Fridays to Sundays 5 pm to 9:30 pm, then from December 23, 2022, to January 1, 2023, the show will be available daily (5-9:30 pm). $28.99 plus a service fee for adults and $17.99 plus a service fee for kids. Parking is available on-site for $10.


·         “Nassau Drive-Thru Adventure” at Nassau County Museum of Art, located at One Museum Dr. in Roslyn – Available from November 3, 2022, to January 15, 2023, this is the only immersive drive-through experience with illuminated tunnels and Chinese lanterns inspired by outer space. Visitors will move between planets, rockets, astronauts, and more. From October 21 to January 15, hours are Thursdays to Sundays 5 pm to 8:30 pm. From December 23, 2022, to January 1, 2023, hours are daily from 5-8:30 pm. $50 plus service fee per vehicle.


·         NEW! “Suffolk Winter Lantern Festival” at Smithtown Historical Society, located at 239 East Main Street in Smithtown – Available from November 4, 2022, to January 8, 2023, this is the first show in Suffolk by the NYC Winter Lantern Festival which will transform Smithtown into a magical light display featuring flowers, animals, and much more. Hours are Friday to Sunday 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm. $22 for adults and $12 for kids with FREE parking available.


·         “Illuminate the Farm” at Queens County Farm Museum, located at 73-50 Little Neck Parkway, Queens – Available from November 11, 2022, to January 8, 2023, this experience will feature a dazzling display of lights and illuminated Chinese lanterns – all handmade by artisans with decades of dedication to their craft. Visitors can expect a luminescent display inspired by theme parks and Chinese myths and legends, along with illuminated tunnels, illuminated rideable swings, and much more. From November 11 to January 8, 2023, hours are Friday to Sunday 5-9 pm. From December 23, 2022, to January 1, 2023, hours are daily from 5-9 pm. $26.99 plus a service fee for adults and $17.99 plus a service fee for kids. 


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