Monday, October 3, 2022



It's time to think about the Holiday Season and one of the best gifts that should be on your list is the lifestyle fashion brand, Sapahn.

Sapahn is dedicated to beauty and equality and is known for its buttery-soft leather bags, wallets, and sophisticated details.

Sapahn masters the perfect blend of timeless style and playful elegance. Founded on the belief that all people matter, the company sources fair-trade, high-quality materials that stand the test of time. Its mission is to harness the power of fashion to advance the rights of all people, with style that connects, empowers, uplifts, and inspires. 

Their luxury leather bags and accessories combine timeless beauty with lasting impact. From their origin story to their business model; how they source to the way they make; from the artisans who craft their products to the customers whose purchases support them, Sapahn believes all people are significant, and everyone deserves the right to act as an agent of their own well-being, and each of us aspires to live a life full of meaning, every day. In all that they do, Sapahn stands for people.

Founding Story

Sapahn started with a call to action. It was 2008, and founder Brooke and her husband were living in Thailand. She was studying for her master's in Human Rights and working at the United Nations Inter-Agency Project on Human Trafficking. During that experience, she came to understand that a lack of local job opportunities pushed people into high-risk migration, resulting in increased vulnerabilities and incidences of trafficking. Women-led co-ops and small businesses in rural villages struggled to make their trade sustainable. That was the gap - the call to action.

Brooke traveled thousands of miles to meet artisans in their villages and asked them what empowerment meant to them. They would tell her, "Brooke, I know how to take care of my family, send my kids to school, live a happy life, but I can only do these things if I can find the right kind of work." She realized they want the same things that we all do—the opportunity to thrive. So, in 2010 she started Sapahn, a business that puts human rights first, ensuring that its artisans are always consulted, heard, protected, and empowered.

As they’ve grown, so has their impact. Over the 11 years in business, Sapahn's impact has permeated through nine villages and supported over 300 artisan families throughout Thailand.

Sapahn, meaning bridge in Thai, is the bridge between knowing better and actually doing better. Sapahn believes we are all at the forefront of making this happen and carrying the opportunity forward.

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