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Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Sybil Wilkes’ Has a New Podcast, “What Else You Need to Know”

YoSy Media Teams with Crossover Media Group to Launch Sybil Wilkes’ New Podcast, 

“What Else You Need to Know”



YoSy Media and Crossover Media Group have struck a deal on “What Else You Need to Know,” a weekly podcast hosted by broadcast media veteran and YoSy co-founder Sybil Wilkes. “What Else You Need to Know” thoughtfully examines social and personal dynamics from a perspective of Black well-being, and is a companion broadcast to Wilkes’ “What You Need to Know” newsletter, Facebook Live and YouTube live streams.


Airing now on Spotify, Roku, Apple Podcasts, and more, “What Else You Need to Know” draws on the deep history of YoSy’s co-founders, Yolanda Starks-White, former BET Director of Talent and long-time Tom Joyner Executive Producer, and nationally syndicated media personality Wilkes, known as “The Voice of Reason” on the iconic “Tom Joyner Morning Show.” Wilkes grounded deliberation of serious issues and humorous treatment of life’s folly is a refreshing alternative for those seeking news and information that impacts their lives.


“We are thrilled to partner with Crossover Media Group and take advantage of the same cross-platform expertise used by some of the largest media companies in North America,” Wilkes said. “This partnership provides the type of practical support that will allow us to focus on creating content and collaborations that will continue to super-serve the Black community.”


YoSy Media is dedicated to identifying and supporting activities, organizations, and efforts that contribute to Black physical, financial, educational, political, and social well-being and empowerment. The relationship with Crossover Media Group supports YoSy’s ongoing commitment to transform commentary into action, including recent collaborations to mobilize support for Black women’s access to health care and creating a professional media path for Black students.


“This collaboration allows Crossover Media Group to tap into one of the most respected and rapidly growing Black media brands in the country, while YoSy’s rapidly expanding news and information franchise will reap the rewards of CMG’s adaptive, data-driven, cross-platform audience engagement, and sales expertise,” said CMG’s Managing Partner Ron Hartenbaum.


Find “What Else You Need to Know,” weekly at Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Roku, or wherever you get your podcasts.  Subscribe to the “What You Need to Know” Newsletter, Monday through Friday at Also see the “What You Need to Know” live streams on  YouTube and Facebook, Monday through Thursday 7 p.m. ET/6 p.m. CT.


About YoSy Media: YoSy Media is a full-service multi-media news and information platform developed specifically to Inform and Empower the African American community. Led by the highly respected and revered Sybil Wilkes, YoSy Media is poised to become the information destination for Black people. In 2019 after the Tom Joyner Morning Show ended its legendary run, Sybil along with entertainment executive Yolanda Starks White created a media company to continue super-serving the African American community.  The primary focus of YoSy Media is addressing overall Health and Wellness for Black people through Political, Health, Financial, and Social Justice advocacy. YoSy Media dominates the industry, curating and disseminating news and information for people of color through multiple platforms. When you want the news when you need it broken down when you want to know what’s really going on, and when you want to be Informed and Empowered, turn to YoSy Media for all your vital news needs. For more information, visit


Crossover Media Group  (CMG) is a media company engaged in audio and video content production and advertising sales with particular expertise in podcasts.  CMG produces and/or sells advertising for more than 300 podcasts, encompassing the genres of true crime, news, sports, lifestyle, and entertainment, delivering more than 35 million impressions per month. Crossover Media Group is a collaborative and adaptive results‐driven company committed to engaging and expanding clients’ audiences through digital and social platforms, with offices in Los Angeles and New York. 

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