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Monday, February 27, 2023

Eirik Tveiten’s NIGHT RIDE has been nominated for the 2023 Academy® Awards


Eirik Tveiten’s NIGHT RIDE has been nominated for the 2023 Academy® Awards

Director Eirik Tveiten’s NIGHT RIDE shares the story of Ebba who is waiting for the tram, an unexpected turn of events transforms the ride home into something uncomfortable and potentially violent. This important film has been nominated for the 95th Academy® Awards. 

A cold night in December. Ebba waits for the tram to go home after a party, but the ride takes an unexpected turn.

Director and writer Eirik Tveiten wrote and directed his first acclaimed short FRIENDLY PEOPLE in 2010. He has written and directed 14 short films. His work includes different genres and stretches from high realism to stylized comedy NIGHT RIDE was awarded the audience award at The Norwegian Short Film Festival and has since won 5 awards at festivals around the world.

Eirik shared: "This is great news! I'm so happy that our film - and the subject it raises - receives this recognition!  Our film tells a story about the challenges of being different. Individuals all over the world fall victim to prejudices and harassment, and sometimes it seems easier to mind our business and look the other way. I hope our film can inspire people to find the courage to speak up and act. This production was ambitious and demanding, big credit to my producers Heidi and Gaute, and the whole crew for their wonderful work. 

"This spectacular short is produced by Gaute Lid Larssen and Heidi Arnesen. Larssen has worked professionally in film production for 25 years with a background from NRK (Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation) as a radio presenter and casting director. He is currently managing director and chairman at Cylinder Productions AS Arnesen graduated with a bachelor's in fine arts from CCA, and she currently works for Cylinder Production AS as a producer. 

The beautiful cinematography is expertly created by Vegard Landsverk. 

Here's what Oscar-nominated director Eirik Tveiten had to share about his short film NIGHT RIDE

Q: What does getting an Oscar nomination mean to you?

Eirik Tveiten: It means a lot. It is not every day one gets this kind of recognition. I also hope it will be an opportunity for new and exciting projects.

Q: What made you make this film? What's the inspiration behind it?

Eirik Tveiten: The inspiration came from a friend of mine who actually ended up stealing a tram by mistake. I thought that would be a great frame for the film I wanted to make. My main goal was to create a story about social issues and harassment toward marginalized groups. I have been in a similar situation myself where I had a choice to act on someone else´s behalf or turn away. It is a difficult situation to be in on so many levels. 

Q: As a filmmaker, why did you start this journey? What does it mean to be a storyteller?

Eirik Tveiten: I started off as an actor in the theatre and went on to write stage plays. I see storytelling as the most valuable in our culture and vital for our ability to self-reflect.  

Q: Are up-and-coming filmmakers supported in your country, if so --- how?

Eirik Tveiten: They are actually. We have a film institute (The Norwegian Film Institute) that will partly fund your film if it passes through the needle eye of their consideration. Before that one can get support developing a project (financial and with a consultant) and they have seminars and courses you can take. There are also regional film funds one can apply for money and support.

Q: There's never enough time to thank the people that made the film and the nomination happen. Here's your opportunity: list those who helped move you closer to your dreams. 

Eirik Tveiten: I would especially like to mention my close collaboration with producers Heidi Arnesen and Gaute Lid Larssen, they have meant a lot to my development. But also my close friend and dramaturgist Baard Enoksen, and my mother always encouraged me to follow my creative ambitions. 

Final Oscar voting begins 9 a.m. PT   Thursday, March 2, 2023, and ends 5 p.m. PT, Tuesday, March 7, 2023.

The 95th Academy Awards® is on Sunday, March 12, 2023


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