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Monday, March 20, 2023

“Daddy’s Divas” - Ten Episodes of Crazy - Some of It Funny


Vito Beano

Yikes. I feel rather awful and torn. While I appreciate the “get it done” attitude of the creators of “Daddy’s Divas” David Tittone and David Torre’s comedy, I am hanging my head at the poor acting and basic dialogue. That being said, I appreciate those who do something instead of just talking about it. 

So in that spirit, I will step into the “Daddy’s Divas” world which (happily) gets dark but not dark enough to knock it out of the family-friendly category. It’s bad on purpose and it’s very bad. 

Daddy’s Divas takes us into the life of widower Michael Hill (David Tittone) and his twin daughters — Brooklyn (Kaitlyn Klinginsmith) and Jocelyn (Jocelyn Hill) 

— and infant Adalyn (Kylie Klinginsmith). The kids clearly need a mother figure but the family has to learn to crave a life without her. 

The good points first. The series has ten episodes. And what’s fun is watching as each character works against and manipulates others. These adults are full-on messy. I enjoyed that each episode focused on a character’s crazy adventures which ultimately got Michael into trouble. The twins are the twins and are not fond of authority and sometimes their pranks are dangerous. For example, they gave the school staff food poisoning for the sake of YouTube content. More crazy happens.  Anthony and Bradley compete for the top spot of a Fried Chicken mascot. Tiffany dreams of pageant victory but seems to get in everyone’s way. Michael and Principal Henderson spend the night together in the big house (jail) to mend fences. Then there’s a family war with water guns. 

Here’s a breakdown of the episodes.  I will admit, as I continued to watch the episodes, I did warm up to “Daddy’s Divas” — not suggesting that the quality was not better (it didn’t) but the passion behind the creators and the joy the actors exhibited definitely caught a section of my heart. 

Episode One (“Air Guitar”): Michael Hill attempts to train his client, Nia, but she’s distracted by the very nutty and attention-focused antics of Michael's brother-in-law, Bradley Reeks, and sister, Tiffany Hill.  \The Twins rule the classroom making it clear that they are in charge. 

Episode Two (“Rock Star”): Michael takes Brooklyn and Jocelyn to their first dance lesson. Michael goes on a date with Jessica Henderson but realizes that Jessica is obsessed with Rocco the Rock Star. Not sure if this was their best. There are a few moments of sincere humor but very few. 

Episode Three (“Happy Birthday”): A good Catholic gets a rundown of all of her sins (She gives her grandchildren way too much candy) and she’s sentenced to an eternity in hell. It’s just a dream of a retired woman who takes care of her kids, and grandkids. Later James Henderson has an encounter with Liam, Carol Hill's neighborhood HOA president. Michael throws a birthday party for Brooklyn and Jocelyn. 


Episode Four(“Chicken Dance”): Bradley's brother, Anthony 'Hollywood' Reeks, visits from Hollywood. Anthony claims he has landed the role of a lifetime, but their sibling rivalry erupts into an epic battle. Crazy stuff here and mildly entertaining. The baking show competition (dream) has its moments, I will admit. The host is (again) way, way, way over the top. The “mascot” battle will remind those with siblings just how messy those relationships can become. 


Episode Five (“Fingerprints”): Brooklyn and Jocelyn make "Gaslight" Brownies for school. I think by the name of the dish, you know what the twins wanted to achieve. They learned on YouTube - those crazy girls.  Michael's air conditioning stops working, so he must train at Carol's house, where Liam schemes to get even with James. Big kids with adult privileges. The crazy continues. 

Episode Six (“The Flying Bandits”): “Fair and impartial treatment” the Judge/actor screams. This actor is too much. You either love him or hate him. I am leaning on the hate side, right now. Another dream sequence in episode six. This is a lazy writer’s device. Sorry, it is. Michael receives a visit from Carly as he engages in yard work. Carly apologizes for leaving Michael in jail and tells him to be ready for a surprise later in the evening. Six episodes in and it’s safe to say that the female characters are the most interesting and definitely the more intelligent. They seem to be in on the joke that the series is designed to be “bad” and to feel so “homemade” with just a hint above a home movie. 

Episode Seven(“Diamond Dreams”): Bradley attempts to teach Lucas how to play t-ball but fails miserably. FYI Lucas steals the show in this episode.  Tiffany recruits Michael to teach Lucas, but her plan backfires when Bradley becomes jealous. Tiffany’s over the top and not in a good way. The two men feel less than in each other’s eyes. As they train and compete to see who’s the strongest. Let me answer: neither. The woman in the red dress said it best: “I expect more from Lucas (a child) than I do from you!” Me too! Again, Lucas steals this episode. More of Lucas, please. 

Episode Eight(“Hollywood Reeks”): “Aren’t you going to say hi, to your brother?” -asks Anthony upon his return from Hollywood claiming he has landed a dream role claiming that his "ship" has finally come in. His brother tells him that his ship is doomed and sunk Titanic. I agree. The host of the Angel beauty pageant (horribly over-the-top performance) looks terrifying with his fake “tan” that looks “burned” and his hair which looks like it was glued with something available for farm animals.  At this point, this character is just sad and scary, like a clown. Then he sings; why, what did any viewing audience ever do to have to listen to punishment like that? The Bikers receive a visit from Gerry Spangler, the toughest biker in the states, but fail to impress her. 

Episode Nine(“Wedding Bells”): Someone’s getting married! Or are they? I will leave it there. 

Brooklyn & Jocelyn play a prank on James and Carol, ultimately leading James to propose to Carol. Michael hosts a bachelor party for James. However, James develops 'cold feet. 

Episode Ten(“Mr. Beano”): The final episode. I’ve watched ten of these and I must say, that (again) the female characters are easier to like. They are funnier, smarter, and more determined to leave their mark. Another dream opens another episode. Got it. At this point, it’s only mildly annoying. The over-the-top character actor assumes the persona, of what I assume, is based on Marlon Brando in “The Godfather” as he mumbles through the dialogue using his shoulders and his face to communicate. It’s funny enough because this is the last episode, so I can lean into the nonsense with a better sense of humor as I close the review the series.  I have a feeling there’s a second two in pre-production. 

Hollywood legend Vito Beano and his son Jimmy Beano arrive in Kansas City to film a scene for their movie. Bradley and Tiffany host Vito and Jimmy but fail to impress them.  



TV show Released: December 24, 2022  

Director: David Tittone  

Director of Photography & Editor: Brennan Colahan  

Composer: Frank Cogliano  

First Assistant Director: Christie Courville   

Sound Editor: Alex Niedt   

Visual Effects: Bryan Keeling 



I co-wrote the series with my father, David Torre. My three daughters - Kaitlyn, Madelyn, and Kylie - portray the 'Divas' in the series. My son, Jack, portrays their cousin (who also happens to live next door). Los Angeles-based Distributor and International Sales Agent Indie Rights acquired all worldwide rights for the series. They recently featured “Daddy’s Divas” at the Cannes Film Market as well as the American Film Market.   




- Vegas Movie Awards: Best TV Series, Award of Prestige; Best Young Actress, Award of Prestige; Best Song, Award of Prestige; Best Ensemble, Award of Prestige   

- Austin Comedy Film Festival: Best TV Series Episode  

- Houston Comedy Film Festival: Best TV Series Episode   

- Best Shorts Competition: Award of Merit (Multiple Episodes - Best TV Series; Best Ensemble Cast)  

- LA Independent Film Channel Festival: Best TV Series (Episode 4) 

- Red Movie Awards: Honorable Mention:Best Comedy (Episode 5)   

- Best Directing in a Comedy Series - David Tittone  

- Best Ensemble Cast: David Tittone, Christie Courville, Jeffrey Staab, Kaitlyn Klinginsmith, Madelyn Klinginsmith, Kim Palmer, Jack Klinginsmith, Dawn Linneman, Sonny Gaitan, Rodney Phillips, Larry Parrish, Trevor Martin, Michael McQuary, Millie Milan, Rebecca Ralstin, Doyle Haverfield, Paul Kim, Shawn Eric Jones, Rocco Fonzarelli, Jason Turner, Mary Wilkens, Chance Caeden  

- Best Writing (Comedy) - David Tittone and David Torre   

- Best Original Score - Frank Cogliano 


David Tittone (Michael Hill)   

Christie Courville (Tiffany Hill)   

Kaitlyn Klinginsmith (Brooklyn Hill)   

Madelyn Klinginsmith (Jocelyn Hill)   

Kylie Klinginsmith (Adalyn Hill)   

Kim Palmer (Carly Martin)   

Jeffrey Staab (Bradley Reeks)   

Jack Klinginsmith (Lucas)   

Rodney Philips (Shane)  

Larry Parrish (Greg)   

Dawn Linneman (Carol Hill)  

Sonny Gaitan (James Henderson)   

Millie Milan (Nia)   

Michael McQuary (The Priest/The Angel/The Chef/The Judge/The Pageant Judge/The Minister/Vito Beano)   

Doyle Haverfield (Officer Johnson)   

Paul Kim (Officer Park)   

Rebecca Ralstin (Jessica)   

Shawn Eric Jones (Anthony Reeks)   

Trevor Martin (Bruce)   

Rocco Fonzarelli (Rocco The Rocker)   

Jason Turner (Liam)   

Mary Wilkens (Mary)   

Chance Caeden (Jimmy Beano)   

Vincent Gonzales (The Bodyguard) 


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