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Friday, March 10, 2023

Wolfgang Puck --- Governor's Ball --- 2023-- the word is sustainability.


Governor's Ball, 2023

Wolfgang Puck ---  Governor's Ball --- 2023-- the word is sustainability. 

What Oscar nominees, winners, and invited guests will enjoy at the annual Governor's Ball comes from the legend, Wolfgang Puck. 

Wolfgang Puck (Wolfgang Puck Catering),

Here's a look at the food, beverages, and décor of this year’s Governor's Ball, the Academy’s official post-Oscars celebration, immediately following the 95th Oscars ceremony on Sunday, March 12th.

Wolfgang Puck Preview 

Wolfgang Puck (Wolfgang Puck Catering), founded in 1998, continues to set the standard for culinary excellence, bringing his team’s legendary combination of innovative cuisine and refined service to the world’s most renowned and demanding corporate, cultural, and entertainment clients. Wolfgang Puck has revolutionized the dining landscape with a singular focus: to exceed expectations whenever our guests gather for a meal. 

Famous Oscar Chocolates

This year the Academy has made it clear that they are committed to expanding its sustainability goals and initiatives to operate as an environmentally responsible organization and ultimately reach carbon neutrality. 

Collective efforts are designed to account for their emissions, improve waste diversion, and pilot new organizational programs and technologies in line with best practices.

A highlight of their ongoing efforts:

• Tracking and measuring their overall carbon emissions and environmental impact with a leading environmental consulting firm.

• Educating event guests and staff about the benefits of sustainable fashion in partnership with

RCGD Global using the RCGD Global Sustainable Style Guide.

• Educating and engaging staff, members, and partners on their sustainability goals and initiatives.

• Eliminating single-use plastic water bottles and encouraging reuse by providing water refill

systems and canned water bottles where necessary in our production and event environments.

• Digital distribution of Oscar event tickets and parking passes.

• Working with vendors, suppliers, and partners committed to sustainability.

Ongoing efforts at the Governors Ball:


• Since 2013, the Governors Ball has more than 50% plant-based and vegetarian dishes offered.

• Food served is responsibly sourced, sustainably farmed, or listed on the Monterey Bay Aquarium

Seafood Watch recommendation list.

• After the event, food is donated to Chefs to End Hunger.


• Energy-efficient LED lights and battery-operated LED candles are used throughout the event.

Waste Diversion

• All lighting, audio, rigging equipment, and furniture are rented or repurposed for various events.

• Rechargeable batteries are used and recycled in all headsets, comteks, and microphone transmitters.

• #1, #2, and #5 plastic, metal, glass, paper, and cardboard are recycled.

• Non-donated food scraps are composted.

• All floral arrangements are created in reusable glass vases, and the floral foam used is biodegradable.

• All fresh flowers and greenery are composted.

• 50% of fabrication materials are reused, recycled, or composted.

• Hardware and plywood are reused in subflooring.

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