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Friday, April 7, 2023

Chris Collins — An African American Fragrance Creator


Chris Collins — An African American Fragrance Creator

I don’t know who handed me the sample of Chris Collins’ fragrance but the scent lingered and I wanted to know more, as I am obsessed with perfumes and have dedicated myself to learning more. 

Collins is a man of color who has traveled the world — extensively — to develop his fragrance line. It’s understood that this passion is culled from a deep appreciation of his definition of luxury, translating that back into his collection. 

"Alchemy is a magical process of transformation, creation, or combination,” shared Chris Collins. “
My fragrance creations are elixirs made up of individual notes that meld together in an alchemic way, steeped in mysticism and mystery. Hence, the alchemy of fragrance.”

Everyone knows that fragrances can become powerfully connected to memory, and Collins’ entire line is designed to do just that, and to tell stories that capture a feeling of attraction and freedom. Some of those ingredients include a sweet gourmand or a hypnotic wood which push into telling stories of New York and Paris and their cultural exchange, from the Harlem Renaissance through today.

This really sparked my imagination with Collins confessed that he creates 

"fragrance the way a composer writes music” and that the name of the fragrance is like the title of a song. The notes are the lyrics. The way they mix together is the music and melody.

There are 12 in his collection at present but Sweet Taboo, Oud Galore, Tokyo Blue, and Autumn Rhythm made me the most curious. 

His curated collection Dark Romance and The Renaissance Collection caught my imagination, dreaming of what it will smell like when mixed with my own chemistry. 

Especially the scents under Dark Romance which are designed to capture the dark side of seduction obsessiveness, animal urges, and the feeling of abandonment. With 24 percent pure perfume oil, each bold and intense fragrance in this collection exudes confidence. These are our most head-turning scents, with sleek and opulent bottles to match.

The Renaissance Collection, Collins tells us is the story of Harlem, in the 1920s, when fashion, music, and culture flourished. Taking us into that era where you might run into a visionary African American artist on the rise. 

To learn more about Chris Collins click here. 

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