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Sunday, August 13, 2023

Catch "Cat Kid Comic Club: The Musical" at The Lucille Lortel Theatre until August 27th.

"Cat Kid Comic Club: The Musical" Brings Laughter and Imagination to the Stage

Can a beloved children's book become even more cherished when transformed into a captivating musical? The answer is an enthusiastic yes, and the enchanting production that embodies this magic is none other than "CAT KID COMIC CLUB: The Musical." As part of the spellbinding Family Summer Theater series, this delightful show is currently captivating audiences at The Lucille Lortel Theatre (121 Christopher Street, NYC) until August 27th.

Get ready for an extraordinary escapade that will leave the entire family grinning from ear to ear. Yes, you read that right – this musical has the power to create sheer joy and agreement all around! Join the dynamic duo of Cat Kid and Molly Pollywog as they dive headfirst into a mission to mentor 21 lively and comically expressive baby frogs in the art of crafting their own comics. Their proud fishy father, Flippy, couldn't be happier to witness his offspring unleashing their imagination. However, the frogs' spirited debates and imaginative antics steer their comic creations down hilariously unexpected paths, pushing poor Flippy to the brink of flipping out!

Can the comic club endure the delightful chaos? Will the froggy siblings find harmony amidst their vividly distinct imaginations? And, above all, can creativity emerge as the ultimate savior? All these intriguing questions find their answers in this impeccable musical adaptation, inspired by the uproarious spin-off series "Cat Kid Comic Club" by Dav Pilkey. The stage adaptation has been masterfully crafted by the uber-talented Kevin Del Aguila and Brad Alexander, renowned for their previous theatrical hit, "Dog Man: The Musical."

Prepare for a heartwarming and entertaining experience that is well worth every penny and the journey to the theater. Cat Kid, Molly Pollywog, and their amphibious companions promise an unforgettable performance filled with laughter and boundless creativity. This charming musical proves that the power of imagination knows no bounds and that storytelling is a magical celebration of artistic expression.

Catch "Cat Kid Comic Club: The Musical" at The Lucille Lortel Theatre until August 27th. It's a show that guarantees laughter, excitement, and a wonderful time for all.

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