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Tuesday, August 22, 2023

"El Mago Pop" - Review


Photo credit/ Emilio Madrid

By R. Amisal 

When you mention Broadway, what usually comes to mind is singing, dancing, and acting, right? Well, "El Mago Pop" has turned that idea on its head. He's a young illusionist from Europe who's taking the Broadway scene by storm with his mind-bending tricks. And here's the coolest part – the way he interacts with the audience is unlike anything you've seen before. When he chooses someone from the crowd, it feels totally genuine and spontaneous. Plus, he adds a magical touch by incorporating his Spanish heritage into the show, making it even more special.

So, who is Antonio Díaz? He's the guy behind the jaw-dropping moments. Imagine this: an empty stage, and suddenly, bam! A red and silver helicopter appears out of thin air. And just like that, it's gone, leaving behind a dazzling display of lights and sparks.

Díaz grew up near Barcelona, Spain, and his roots in the vibrant Spanish culture have played a significant role in shaping his unique approach to magic. Like many magicians before him, he fell head over heels for magic at a young age, practicing tirelessly. He spills some of this in a video at the beginning of the show.

At 37 years old, Antonio claims to be the youngest magician with his own Broadway show. And let me tell you, the show is all about family-friendly entertainment – think a crazy carnival with fire, lights, and loads of confetti.

"I'm here to show you things that shouldn't be possible," Antonio declares. And you know what? He absolutely delivers on that promise.

He mixes in bits of his life, much like enjoying tapas, giving us just a taste of who he is. The video hints at his dreams, including his wish to make it to Broadway – a dream that's now come true.

"El Mago Pop" blends awe-inspiring, larger-than-life tricks with smaller ones performed in the aisles and captured on camera. So, depending on where you're seated, you might catch most of the action on screens, which can slightly take away from the magic. But the tricks right in the aisles are the real jaw-droppers. And Antonio's skills at making things levitate and teleport are truly impressive.

The highlight of the show is when Antonio takes center stage, dancing to a Jacques Brel song. He starts with a ball, then moves on to a bunch of cards, and even his own shoe! His hands and mouth appear empty, and then – bam! Cards rain down like a waterfall. He even sends cards soaring through the air.

It's a blast for everyone. I wholeheartedly recommend checking out "El Mago Pop," running until August 27th at the Barrymore Theater in Manhattan. The show is around an hour and a half long, and if you're a fan of mind-blowing magic and incredible tricks, it's an absolute must-see!

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