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Wednesday, September 6, 2023


EMERGENCE sold out its limited run in Los Angeles, where it was called :

" An out-of-body experience that connects you to the world around you."   

"Mind-boggling. It challenges your perception of life on this planet."   

"EMERGENCE encourages you to question and explore, bringing you closer to your humanity and a greater sense of purpose ”  

"An unparalleled awakening of the spirit that you cannot afford to miss."  

EMERGENCE: Where Art, Science, and Music Converge

Robert Murray and Lisa Dozier Shacket proudly present the New York premiere of Patrick Olson's groundbreaking conceptual performance, EMERGENCE. This captivating experience will take place at The Alice Griffin Jewel Box Theater, located at The Pershing Square Signature Center on 480 West 42nd Street at Jim Houghton Way. The show begins on October 10, with the grand opening night scheduled for October 25, 2023, and runs until January 7, 2024.

EMERGENCE is an innovative theatrical production led by Patrick Olson, blurring the lines between art, science, and music. It challenges conventional boundaries, expanding the creative and intellectual horizons of both performers and audiences. EMERGENCE invites you on a transformative journey where knowledge and artistic expression intermingle, revealing a world that's not quite as it appears.

Part music, part monologue, part scientific exploration, part rock concert, and part psychedelic journey, EMERGENCE delves deep into the human experience. It's a mesmerizing exploration of the crossroads between science and art, offering an emotionally charged and revelatory experience. Live, original music takes center stage, performed by a dynamic ensemble of musicians, singers, and dancers, and enhanced with stunning visual effects and arena-level sound. The production tackles profound questions about time, matter, energy, human perception, and love, encouraging the audience to question their conventional ways of observing the world.

EMERGENCE provokes thought with inquiries like "Are we truly alive? How did we come into existence? What defines the nature of time?" and "Where does human love originate?"

EMERGENCE has already created waves during its sold-out run in Los Angeles, where it garnered praise as "an out-of-body experience that connects you to the world around you," "mind-boggling, challenging your perception of life on this planet," and "an unparalleled awakening of the spirit that you cannot afford to miss."

The Pershing Square Signature Center, home to Signature Theatre, is a three-theatre facility designed by Frank Gehry Architects, located on West 42nd Street and Jim Houghton Way. It serves as a hub for Signature’s playwrights residencies, promoting collaboration among artists and cultural organizations. The center features three intimate theaters, a studio theater, a rehearsal studio, a bookstore, and the Signature CafĂ© + Bar. For rental inquiries, please visit Signature Theatre Rental.

Don't miss EMERGENCE, a groundbreaking production that challenges the boundaries of art, science, and music, offering a unique and transformative experience for all.


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