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Monday, November 20, 2023

Keke Palmer said GOOGLE IT: BLACK FRIDAY & The African American Consumer

Empowering Change: African American-Owned Friday Unveils a New Era of Support and Community Upliftment"

Your hard-earned money is a force for change. As the holiday season approaches, let's make a conscious decision to amplify the impact of our spending by supporting Black and Brown-owned businesses—not just for a day but 365 days a year.

Black Friday looms, offering deals aimed at BIPOC consumers with a clear intention. To aid in discovering African-American businesses, Google, in collaboration with the US Black Chambers, Inc., has streamlined the search process.

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Google partnered with artist-entrepreneur Keke Palmer, giving birth to a transformative film that redefines the essence of Black Friday. Palmer's rendition of "100% Pure Love," now titled "Black-Owned Friday (100% Supporting)," featuring Crystal Waters, honors the song's legacy while showcasing 12 African American-owned businesses, 25 brands, and over 50 unique products nationwide.

"Known as Keke 'Keep A Bag' Palmer, I'm passionate about taking care of business. I love supporting small businesses, especially Black-owned ones," shared Keke Palmer. "So when Google approached me for their fourth annual Black-owned Friday campaign, my response was '100%.'"

Directed by Andre Muir, this film transcends the surface, spotlighting the vibrant spectrum of Black entrepreneurship across diverse industries and creative ventures.

"I aimed to adopt a grounded approach, emphasizing something more profound: the owners themselves," shared director Andre Muir. "For me, supporting Black-owned businesses isn't just a seasonal endeavor but a year-round commitment."

But beyond the limelight, this movement resonates with impassioned business owners like Diana Patricia Nembhard. As the co-owner of International Beauty Supply, Diana's fervent advocacy for sustained support of African-American-owned enterprises extends far beyond the holiday rush. Her blog stands as a beacon, emphasizing the perpetual significance of uplifting these businesses throughout the year—a commitment to fostering an ecosystem where Black-owned enterprises flourish and communities thrive.

Join the movement. Make a conscious choice to support Black and Brown-owned businesses, not just during the holidays but every day, nurturing a landscape where economic empowerment knows no bounds.

Explore more and join the cause with Diana Patricia Nembhard's blog. Together, let's empower change.

International Beauty Supply

Critter Care

With an estimated $1.6 trillion in spending power within our community, the resounding call grows louder: invest in our communities, support Black-owned businesses, and catalyze change. Beyond the seasonal fervor, stands as a conduit, championing 100% Black-owned businesses and bridging the gap between intent and action.

This isn't merely about holiday shopping; it's about fueling a movement for enduring change. It's an opportunity to make a lasting impact, uplifting our communities and commemorating African American-owned businesses—not just for a fleeting moment but for a lifetime.

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