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Thursday, December 21, 2023

This #Lipoil is underground - the secret - BEES!


Keepers Collective!

Handcrafted Beauty Essentials from The Keepers Collective has five by-products of honeybees for their healing properties, each handmade with all-natural ingredients and beneficial byproducts from their own thriving bee colonies.

The Keepers Collective's dedication to sustainability and purity promises not just a pampering experience, but a journey towards radiant, healthier skin.

Whipped Body Butter Gift Set:

Packed with raw honey, propolis, and calendula oil, this luxurious body butter set is crafted to soothe dry patches, fade stretch marks, reduce dark spots, combat inflammation, and enhance skin healing

Comes with three scents for the holidays Brown Sugar Fig, Peppermint Stick, & Vanilla Pear.

Lip Oil Set of 3:

Your lips will thank you for putting on this blend because it's perfect for hydration and shine. 

It comes in three scents for the holidays Brown Sugar Fig, Cranberry Orange, and Vanilla Mint.

Goat Milk & Honey Bath Bomb Set:

With the soothing touch of goat milk, the hydrating essence of raw honey, and a burst of invigorating aromatherapy, each bath bomb is a promises  an unparalleled pampering experience.

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