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Monday, January 22, 2024

SUNDANCE - DAY 4 and 5


Film still of Luther: Never Too Much

Catch Your Favorite Films Over and Over Again

It’s hard to believe we’re already halfway through the Festival, but we’ve still got so much in store for you. Though all of our screenings are sold out in Park City today, we still have tickets available for screenings in Salt Lake City for The Synanon FixHandling the Undead, and Girls Will Be Girls

On January 25, screenings for most films will be available to watch online, and they’re already going fast. Get tickets now for your favorite finds or the titles you didn’t get to see in person. On-demand access begins January 25, so Festivalgoers and watch movies when they want until January 28. We can’t wait to welcome our online Festival community in just three days!

Our partner events continue today in Park City with Exhibiting Forgiveness: Generational Healing Through Art and Storytelling presented by MacArthur Foundation, Fireside Chat: GLAAD Spotlights LGBTQ Films & Makers, and New Narratives: The Power of Storytelling presented by University Of Utah Health. 

Festival branded collector card set.

Pocket Size Posters From Every Year

Relive your favorite memories over 40 years of the Sundance Film Festival with our limited edition 40 Years of Independents Collector Card Set. The 40-card collection features the poster art and a few fun facts from each Festival on every card. Grab a set at one of our merch stores in Park City and Salt Lake City, or shop online.

Headshots of Big Conversation panelists.

The Big Conversation: First Steps, First Films

Meet us at Filmmaker Lodge for a session geared toward emerging artists. In this panel, a small group of remarkable filmmakers, including Carlos Lopez Estrada (Dìdi (弟弟)), Laura Chinn (Suncoast), and Lana Wilson (Look Into My Eyes), discuss how they’ve forged their creative identities, formed meaningful collaborations, and found their personal storytelling voice.

"In the Summers" film still.

Meet the Artist: In the Summers

Alessandra Lacorazza's film is premiering today in the U.S. Dramatic Competition and follows two sisters as they navigate their loving but volatile father during their yearly summer visits to his home in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Hear from Lacorazza and learn what inspired her moving film. Tickets to in-person and online screenings are still available. Meet the Artist is presented by Acura.

State of Utah ad. Copy reads: "Truly Cinematic" on a picture taken of majestic rock formations in Navajo Nation.

Visit the Festival's Home

Utah's remarkable scenery has always inspired great storytelling. Explore Utah's film history or plan a trip around iconic cinema locations when the time is right. You'll soon discover why we say Utah. America's Film Set.®

Moments from Day 4 of the Festival.

Recap Day 4

Audience members at Eccles Theater rose to their feet yesterday for a surprise performance by singers Lisa Fischer and Kevin Owens following the world premiere of Luther: Never Too Much. The intimate documentary explored the life of the iconic R&B singer, leaving many attendees in tears. The Library Theater closed out the night with the world premiere of DEVO. Festivalgoers and fans were beyond thrilled to see the band members present at the screening. It was a good night to be at the Sundance Film Festival.


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