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Monday, February 19, 2024

African and African-American Owned Resturants

When looking for African and Afro-American [black] owned businesses in the Times Square area take a look at these.  True, this section of the city offers a diverse cultural landscape and is often called the Crossroads of the World here are a few excellent places to consider. 


·         Lagos (727 Seventh Ave) – John Paul Wadibia first opened his fusion West African restaurant with the idea of bringing the city of Lagos to New York. Born in Nigeria, Wadibia originally found success in the U.S. in the music industry when he founded One Nation Records, which focused on showcasing undiscovered Afrobeats music. After finding that African food was hard to come by in NYC, he opened his own restaurant in Times Square so that New Yorkers and tourists from around the world could experience the best of Nigerian cuisine and culture. Oftentimes, you’ll find Lagos-style performers in flashy costumes dancing around the restaurant as DJs energize the crowd with Afrobeats tunes. The bold royal purple lights and décor that fill the space also add to the business’ upscale and luxurious personality. As a fusion restaurant, the menu blends West African favorites like Jollof Rice and Red Stew with classic American dishes including the popular Lagos burger or fried chicken.  


·         Podstream Studios (1560 Broadway) – Chris Colbert is the Co-founder and CEO of Podstream Studios, a professional podcast and video recording studio home to some of the best podcasts, Youtubers, and live streamers including Toure Show, The New Abnormal, Kreatures of Habit, and more. He began his career at SiriusXM to create Jamie Foxx’s comedy and musical channel, The Foxxhole, and since then, has worked with big names and publications like PEOPLE and Sports Illustrated. His passion for connecting audiences with innovative and inspiring content led him to create DCP Entertainment, a media platform for underrepresented voices, including people of color, women, the LGBTQ+ community, and others. In 2021, Colbert co-founded Podstream Studios, a hub for insightful and entertaining conversations with top talent, influencers, and business leaders. A podcaster himself, Colbert also hosted, produced, and wrote the award-winning docuseries “Say Their Name,” which focuses on the assault and killing of unarmed Black people by police.


·         Jasmine’s Caribbean Cuisine (371 W 46th St) – Founder Jasmine Gerald opened her Caribbean restaurant on Restaurant Row in the fall of 2020 during the height of the pandemic, hoping to bring a slice of paradise to New York. With fruit-filled cocktail blends and dishes from Dominica, Antigua, St. Thomas, and Jamaica, customers are transported to the Caribbean islands right in the heart of Times Square. The restaurant’s décor and atmosphere are just as colorful as its flavors, providing guests with a unique and vibrant dining experience. Despite opening in the heart of the pandemic, Jasmine’s Caribbean Cuisine was met with great success and remains a true gem on Restaurant Row. Gerald continues to push her entrepreneurial spirit – in July of 2023, just across the street, she opened S’Aimer, an upscale restaurant and lounge offering Caribbean cuisine with a French twist.

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