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Monday, May 6, 2024

HAIR BY: John D for JVN Hair



Monday, May 6th

HAIR BY: John D for JVN Hair

CHECK OUT Greta Gerwig’s Look

Inspiration Quote from John D:

“Today Greta went to the Met Gala dressed by Chloe. She’s wearing all black. A long drapey top and black pants. The look is strong yet soft all at once. For the hair we wanted the look to feel cool with an edge. So it was all about texture and freedom of movement in the hair.”


  • Check out Greta Gerwig’s 2024 MET Gala Red Carpet Look by JVN Hair

  • Greta Gerwig Flaunted Her Gorgeous Hair at the 2024 MET Gala Courtesy of JVN Hair

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Step-by-step Breakdown from John D:

  • To prep the foundation of the hair, I used JVN Hair to get the job done! I started with clean air-dried hair. Spritzed the hair with a little water and pumped two pumps of the JVN Complete Blowout Styling Milk ($29). I emulsified it in my palms and raked the product throughout her hair.

  • Then, I blow-dried the hair just using my hands. This gave the hair more natural easy movement which, I feel, adds to the coolness of the final look.

  • Once the hair was trimmed up and the texture built in, I spritzed the hairstyle with a bit of hairspray for hold, letting the hair “relax” into place.

  • I finished off the style by using the JVN Complete Instant Recovery Serum ($29) and used just a dab emulsified onto my fingertips and pinched the ends of the style. This created a perfect piece-y effect that gave the style its ultimate final style and edge.

    • “I love to use products in new and innovative ways that we might not consider. And that’s what the JVN Complete Instant Recovery Serum did! Truly the perfect finishing touch to this effortlessly cool style.”

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