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Thursday, June 6, 2024

"Sight" approved by the Angel Guild


This film has been approved by the Angel Guild

"Sight": A Touching Journey of Hope and Healing
From Darkness to Sight: A Review

Director Andrew Hyatt's true story "Sight" begins with a card that reads: "This film has been approved by the Angel Guild," a reference to the company's membership program.

Based on Dr. Ming Wang's autobiography From Darkness to Sight, the screenplay was adapted by Hyatt, John Duigan, and Buzz McLaughlin.

The movie follows a very linear path. Not that this is a bad thing. For an inspirational story like this, it's rather comforting for the viewer.

The story takes us into Dr. Ming Wang's (Terry Chen) world, starting as a kid and then as a young man in China. He dreams of following in his father and grandfather's path to the medical profession. But when the Cultural Revolution sweeps through, it changes the course of his family's plans.

The pressure to leave the country is intense, especially after the disappearance of Lili (Sara Ye), his first love.

Wang pours himself into his work and earns top spots in universities like MIT and Harvard before creating his own practice. His expertise is treating difficult eye ailments in Nashville, Tennessee. His reputation grows, and in 2007, he meets Kajal (Mira SwamiNathan), an Indian orphan who traveled to the US under the care of a nun. The goal is to restore her vision after surviving being blinded (at birth) by her mother because "real blind people" make more money begging in India.

With the help of Dr. Misha Bartnovsky (Greg Kinnear), they step into the impossible. The story alternates between Wang's past and present. It's a bittersweet story as he tries to deal with loss, love, and the limitations of modern medicine.

This film is a meditation on faith, and it works. Chen's performance is solid despite being caught in a slow-moving film with overly sentimental dialogue.

One of the more interesting aspects of the film "Sight" is that it is part of Angel Studios, which produced "Sound of Freedom" and "Cabrini" — films that also focused on a Catholic immigrant coming to America with a sincere passion to help others. And to make their purpose clear from the very start — again —

"Sight" begins with the declaration, "This film has been approved by the Angel Guild."

There's a lot to like about "Sight." I recommend you step into this world and just watch.

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