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Sunday, May 27, 2018

The Real! Talks Sex


The Real! likes to mix it up and holding a debate, over sex, really gets the jaws-moving!  Last week the hosts debated whether it’s okay to have sex on the first date and the ladies agree that it should be a woman’s decision as long as they feel comfortable. And, does a person’s size really matter when you’re in love?  Co-host Loni Love admits that it does and reveals when she lost a little weight, the sex got better!

They wrapped up Grandma’s Week and listened from a Hotline Bling caller who has some loving words for the ladies. Plus, actress and author Vivica A. Fox was in the building, talking about her new book, Every Day I’m Hustling.

Loni on Sex: Yes Size Matters!

This Real Host is A Part of Vivica’s Dreams Squad?!

Loni on Sex: Yes Size Matters!

Tamera Mowry-Housley: When it comes to people who love each other, love each other, true love— should, should size really matter?

Loni Love: Yeah.

Tamera: What do you mean?

Adrienne Houghton: No.

Jeannie Mai: Here we go.

Tamera: Elaborate.

Loni: Well okay, I’m a plus size woman, okay…

Tamera: Yes.

Loni: It’s better— okay, this is my opinion.

Tamera: Okay.

Jeannie: Go for it.

Loni: Don’t be coming up on my Instagram, mad at me…

Jeannie: Okay.

Loni: Because I’m telling you my opinion.

Jeannie: Come on, you got the floor. Hit us.

Loni: because I’m dating, alright…

Jeannie: Okay.

Loni: It’s just better when I have somebody a little less… more less weight than me, then if I got somebody that’s like bigger than me— cause I got to hold his stomach, I’m holding my stomach.

[The Real audience laughs]

Loni: It’s not working.

Tamera: Loni!

Adrienne: Why, why would you be holding your stomach?

Loni: Cause my stomach — no let me tell ya’ll for real, this The Real. Ya’ll want to hear the real?

[The Real audience applauds]

Tamera: Yes, I want to know.

Loni: Let me tell you. Okay, I’m going to keep it clean, don’t worry Rachel in control room. But when I lost this 30 pounds, I ain’t realize how much 30 pounds really was…

Jeannie: Uh-huh.

Tamera: That is… yeah.

Loni: Until I started getting it on, okay…

[The Real audience laughs]

Jeannie: Yeah. No, no, no keep it real.

Loni: Because I was only one position I could do because of my um — breath was getting cut off, when I tried to like lay on my back. My breath was getting cut off and I was like, [Loni leans back and exhales deeply] “Whew, what is the problem?”

Jeannie: This is so real.

Loni: Because my stomach was in the way.

Jeannie: Oh, I love it, this is so real! Yes!

Adrienne: This is real, I want to hear.

Loni: Okay now that I lost the 30 pounds…

Tamera: Yes.

Loni: Okay, baby.

[The Real audience cheers]

Adrienne: So wait, for real…

Jeannie: She… aye Real fam, she ain’t no one trick pony no more.

[Loni laughs and claps]

[The Real audience applauds]

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