#AdWeek last day - AmNews Curtain Raiser


Thursday, October 4, 2018

#AdWeek last day

So much to learn about the digital world. It’s amazing, don’t be afraid. #Education is key.


How Cause Marketing Just Rocked Cannes: The Palau Pledge

1:00PM - Univision Stage

How did a tiny island nation in Micronesia just win the top honors at Cannes? By combining big agency creativity and the power of the United Nations to drive an ad campaign that causes real engagement and makes a difference in the environment.


The Alchemy of Performance: An Inside Look at the Director/Actor Relationship

1:00PM - Foursquare Stage

Copywriting and art direction ultimately soar when the right actors and director create magic on set. But what are the conditions that make this inspiration possible?


Mexicans in New York

1:00PM - The Walt Disney Company Stage

Mexican creative minds have exceed borders. Mexican Culture has also inspired many collections and designers from other countries. This panel of Mexican business leaders will speak to the Mexican influence in New York and beyond.


The Ascent of Crypto - Blockchain Demystified

1:15PM - IBM Watson Marketing Stage

Blockchain, Bitcoin, Distributed Ledger, what does it all mean? And more importantly, why does it matter to consumers? This keynote will be your crash course to everything blockchain, by one of the most prolific VCs in the space today. 


Reaching the Unreachable: Connecting with Young Consumers in the age of Peak TV

1:15PM - Target Media Network Stage @ IMAX

In today’s media landscape, there is more choice and flexibility for millennials and Gen Z-ers. They are watching TV in new ways, on many screens, time shifting and place shifting in favor of convenience. And they are flocking to entertainment brands like VICE and Hulu that are redefining the entertainment and news experience and tapping into -- and even shaping -- culture.


Marketing to Men Amidst A Movement

1:30PM - Realtor.com Stage

The last 12 months have seen progressive movements challenge toxic masculinity, correct inequality and empower women. These critical cultural conversations have been able to elicit real change in the workplace and society at large. And naturally, brands have used this tension as a platform to participate.


Digital Disruption & The Impact of Quality Data

1:30PM - Microsoft Stage

Today scale is a given but, in an era of digital disruption – from the way consumers select and make online purchase decisions, to the data being used to target buyers – accuracy and quality matter. The call for quality data is sweeping the fast-changing world of programmatic, as marketers are starting to focus less on quantity and more on quality data. 


CRO Allstars

1:30PM - Culture Stage

Leading chief revenue officers join together to discuss the importance of creating content that benefits the readers and users, and how finding the balance to both inspire and inform is the key to successfully monetising.


Storytelling Without Boundaries: XR for Creative Media

1:30PM - Twitter Stage

Stories challenge what's possible by taking listeners to a world without boundaries. The new era of storytelling takes this even further with all-encompassing XR. Brands are using XR to merge together the physical and digital worlds to tell the most meaningful and engaging stories possible. 


Corporate Philanthropy and Employee Engagement 2.0

2:00PM - Univision Stage

More than ever, companies and brands are engaging in corporate social responsibility initiatives and financially supporting a vast array of charitable organizations that as a result, could also provide traditional employee engagement opportunities (volunteering, mentoring, fundraising, etc.). 


Question Your Answers: Lessons from The Atlantic and HBO

2:00PM - Foursquare Stage

In 2017 The Atlantic launched the platform “Question Your Answers” to encourage audiences to challenge their certainties. The centerpiece was a wildly successful short film starring Michael K. Williams.


Marketers in Conversation: How to Get More Value from Your Data

2:00PM - The Walt Disney Company Stage

Customers expect brands to “know me better, help me faster, delight me everywhere.” For brands to meet this high bar, they need to deliver personalized experiences across channels, in real-time. That means marketers must find and activate the best insights their data contains.


Perception vs Reality: So, You Think You Know Your Audience

2:00PM - Captify Speakeasy Stage


Decentralized Advertising - Getting 1-on-1 with 100M Consumers on Blockchain

2:15PM - IBM Watson Marketing Stage

“If you are not paying for it, you are the product.” Consumers are fed up with how centralized publishers are handling their personal data, and tens of millions are migrating to decentralized platforms on the blockchain. What is decentralized advertising and why is it 600x more effective than traditional ad buys? Hear from the experts.


Joint Ventures: How to Live—and Thrive!—in a Fragmented World

2:15PM - Culture Stage
There is no denying it: The TV ad industry is at a critical inflection point. The explosion of media platforms gives today’s consumers control over what, where and when they watch content.

How Snapchat Brings Fans The Sports Moments That Matter

2:30PM - Target Media Network Stage @ IMAX

While the rise of mobile has disrupted the consumption habits of millennials and Gen Z, some content is still enjoyed best on a big screen. Most sports fans still want to watch their favorite teams live at the event or on TV, and want mobile offerings that complement those experiences. 


Cohesive Cross Platform

2:30PM - Twitter Stage

In our current over-connected social climate, consumers are savvier than ever of looming advertisements, forcing marketers to step up their game to deliver content that is engaging, entertaining and adding value and creating experiences--not disrupting. 


Driving inspiration with Pinterest

2:30PM - Realtor.com Stage

From small everyday choices like what to eat for breakfast to big decisions like how to renovate a kitchen, people come to Pinterest for inspiration and ideas to build their lives. 


Future Tellers

2:30PM - Microsoft Stage

The insights and opportunities of data targeting and specification have allowed for brands and marketers to predict their consumers behaviors and interests. The insights and effectiveness of data optimization has become the core focus of organizations. 


Shared Moments in the Age of Proximity: What Brands Can Learn From The Power of Music Experiences

3:00PM - Foursquare Stage

As a foundational part of growing up, live music experiences evolve to the world that young people live in. Experiences: The Power of Shared Moments, is a new chapter of Viacom Velocity’s groundbreaking thought leadership documentary, The Culture of Proximity. 


Unlock the Power of AI: Connect All of Your Media

3:00PM - Culture Stage

The convergence of paid, owned and earned media has long been the holy grail for marketers. But adtech/martech stacks that don't talk to each other and the lack of artificial intelligence that can truly turn data into actionable insights is keeping this vision from becoming reality. 


No Excuses

3:00PM - Univision Stage

Millennial women are the demographic most unhappy with the state of our government. And they're marching in the streets and activating like never before. But, compared to all other demographic groups, they're also telling us they're least certain to show up and vote this November.


The Future of Creative Leadership: Modular Teams Curated by Storytelling & Design

3:00PM - The Walt Disney Company Stage

As we enter a world where the big idea can be expressed in many (small) ways, product and experience people are the new creatives and creativity must exist within a medium, what is the future of creative leadership?


Blockchain and The Future of Advertising

3:15PM - IBM Watson Marketing Stage

While cryptocurrency has been stealing the spotlight, it is really the underlying blockchain technology and “smart contracts” that have the most transformative potential for enterprises.


Creating Content at the Speed of Culture

3:30PM - Twitter Stage

Content is king. Matched with the power of data, brands are able to use content to connect with consumers by leveraging social movements in real-time. This requires an evolution from campaigns to an “always-on” content marketing approach that keeps work fresh and relevant. 


The Evolution of the CMO

3:30PM - Realtor.com Stage

The coveted title of CMO has taken on new meanings for different organizations. While some remain focused on effective customer segmentation and demonstrating growth, others shift towards organization innovation or being the voice of the customer within their organization. How will the role evolve in the next year and what skills will be prioritized?


Recipe For Success: Using Data To Drive Innovation

3:30PM - Microsoft Stage

Today’s consumer is faced with a multitude of choices across the board from where they shopand dine, to how they watch content. All with preferences changing and evolving at high speed. Brands in turn are racing to capture and express the latest trends to meet the needs of the new generation. 


Global Media in Transformation

3:45PM - Culture Stage

The World Federation of Advertisers (WFA) hosts a group of global client leaders to address some of the biggest threats to a sustainable advertising ecosystem.


Opportunity For Everyone

4:00PM - Univision Stage

Join us for a fireside chat with James Fallows as we discuss the economic reinvention taking place in towns across America. We’ll also explore how Google is partnering with local organizations and using its products and people to help Americans without technical backgrounds or college degrees find jobs and succeed in today’s workplace.


Decoding the Music Experience

4:00PM - Foursquare Stage

Ads and artist. Brands and music. Same goals. Different agendas. No longer is music just a possession. Music is an experience. Music is an interaction online. Music is part of life events through various technologies and captures 35.5 hours of one’s time per week. The question arises how do brands use music and why don’t brands use music more?


True Brand Value: Connecting with Consumers through Values-Based TV Campaigns

4:00PM - The Walt Disney Company Stage

This wide-ranging conversation between two industry thought leaders, Nick Drake, EVP of Marketing & Experience for T-Mobile, and Joe Marchese, President of Advertising Revenue for Fox Networks Group, will focus on how to create meaningful connections with consumers through value and purpose-driven campaigns on broadcast television.


Ad Tech Disrupted: Accountability and Transparency with Blockchain

4:15PM - IBM Watson Marketing Stage

IAB Tech Lab recently revealed its Blockchain Working Group’s program to demonstrate the application and value of blockchain technology for digital advertising. Ad Ledger is a nonprofit research and development consortium charged with implementing global technical standards and solutions for the blockchain advertising industries. 


One On One With Sinclair

4:25PM - Culture Stage

inclair Broadcast Group stands at the sharp point of the development and deployment of ATSC 3.0, the broadcast standard that is expected to fully revolutionize the broadcast television industry. From live mobile streaming at scale, and targeted ad-supported services, to delivery to home, mobile and automobile devices, Sinclair's large footprint is a force for change. As consumer behavior shifts from linear stationary consumption to on-demand mobile consumption, Sinclair is determined to help bring local broadcasting into the future.


Quality vs. Quantity

4:30PM - Twitter Stage

Join this panel of content experts as they debate the best tactics on capturing and maintaining your audiences attention.


The Power of the Disruptive Brand

4:30PM - Realtor.com Stage

Disruption starts with an idea that supported by a best-in-class product and succeeds with a long term, strategic view of marketing. In order to stake your claim as a disruptive brand, you need to work smarter, faster, and leaner than the legacy brands that have long reigned.


Location, Location, Location

4:30PM - Microsoft Stage

It’s all about location right? Data location that is. The ability to communicate to consumers during their movements throughout the day is impacting purchasing behaviors in real time. More and more marketing spend is being allocated to these capabilities, allowing brands to establish a continuing dialogue with their target audience. Where is the line in the sand?


Marketing in the Trump Era

4:40PM - The Walt Disney Company Stage
Undoubtly Trump's presidency has affected us all as marketers, consumers, and people. It has sparked conversation, emotion, and 

Inside The Washington Post’s Monetization Strategy

4:45PM - Culture Stage

There’s no question that The Washington Post is on a hot streak. With three consecutive years of growth and profitability-- something few media companies these days can claim-- it’s clear The Post’s approach is paying off for both readers and brands. 


The Power of an Open-Source Movement: How An Idea Sparked Real Change led by a Coalition of the Willing

5:00PM - Target Media Network Stage @ IMAX

What happens when a group of motivated, passionate leaders join together in an open source movement to prevent senseless gun deaths? This was the challenge when a group of industry execs wanted to find a non-political, common ground approach to positively impact one of the most controversial issues of our time: the culture of gun terrorism. 


How Creativity Can Shape Communities

5:00PM - Univision Stage

As creative/advertising professionals, we have the opportunity to change the world in unique and innovative ways. We have all of the tools under our belts and it’s about time we put our superpowers to work. 


Ad-Tech in Disguise: What the Blockchain Really Means for Advertising

5:15PM - BM Watson Marketing Stage
Streaming services from Spotify and Netflix have redefined the entertainment consumption habits for entire generations of consumers, but is the subscription model threatening the once sure-fire mass advertising model?


Rewriting the Script on Branded Film

5:30PM - Twitter Stage

Meet the new generation of storytellers that are blurring the lines between entertainment and creative advertising. From concept to distribution, these brand, agency and creative pros are rewriting the script when it comes to branded film content.


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