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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

REMASTERED: Tricky Dick and the Man in Black, Sneak Peek

REMASTERED: Tricky Dick and the Man in Black
The Music You Know, The Stories You Don’t  
Launches globally on Netflix November 2, 2018

Directed by:  Academy Award-winner, Barbara Kopple

There were many sides to #JohnnyCash: #Outlaw #musician, and die-hard #patriot; a country western superstar who could connect to others’ suffering; the grandson of a preacher who wrestled with personal demons; a religious man achingly familiar with the Devil’s work. In April 1970, as America was being torn in two, Cash had to choose which side of himself he’d give voice to after being invited to perform at President Richard Nixon’s embattled White House.

Fifteen years earlier, the Arkansas singer/songwriter/guitarist’s iconic sound and gravelly bass-baritone got him a spot at Sun Records in Memphis. He had survived an abusive father, suffered the loss of a brother, and did a stint in the Air Force. By the late ‘60s, as the Vietnam War raged and a #countercultural #revolution heated up, Cash became even more popular following his live album Johnny Cash at Folsom #Prison and the debut of his hit TV show. That currency made Nixon believe having him play for 250 Republican dignitaries in the East Room could boost “Tricky Dick” with blue-collar Americans and help out GOP candidates in the South; he even requested Cash sing songs the Grammy winner disliked for being “redneck clichés.” Nixon, his wife Pat, and all the President’s men thought they had an easy win. But Cash had seen too much, and met too many people in pain, to not sing truth to power in a concert that became his defining moment — and cemented the Man in Black’s #rebel image.

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