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Saturday, January 26, 2019

Roger Ross Williams' Traveling While Black At New Frontier Sundance!

   Traveling While Black

The New Frontier program at this year's Sundance is snapping, crackling, and popping! The content is entertaining, innovative and never been so relevant. Telling real human stories in a virtual but real space. There were quite a few standouts in particular:

Traveling While Black: by Academy Award Winner Roger Ross Williams

The Green Book was a survival guide, first published in 1936, that African American travelers relied on to avoid brutal discrimination; it listed safe places that would fulfill their basic needs. In 1958, Ben and Virginia Ali’s new restaurant, Ben’s Chili Bowl, joined the list. This installation invites viewers into Roger Ross Williams’s emotionally moving VR experience about race and restricted movement in America, and afterward connect in an intimate booth at Ben’s Chili Bowl.

Ghost Fleet VR: by Lucas Gath and Shannon Service

At 14, Tun Lin was kidnapped from Thailand and sold into slavery. He spent the next 14 years on a ship, forced to fish without pay. With the help of a humanitarian agency, Tun Lin escaped and returned home—but many are not so lucky. Ghost Fleet VR offers epic storytelling and takes us to the ships, ports, and seas where the slave trade takes place, exposing these injustices and their relationship to the lucrative fishing industry.

4 Feet: Blind Date: by María Belén Poncio, Rosario Perazolo Masjoan, Damián Turkieh and Ezequiel Lenardón
Juana is an 18-year-old, blue-haired girl bound to a wheelchair, and she is anxious to explore her sexuality. She is going on a blind date with Felipe, a guy she found on social media. She didn’t tell him about the wheelchair. After overcoming her fears, her doubts, and an inaccessible city, she meets him—and together they will discover what their bodies feel.

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