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Monday, February 4, 2019

Bud Light’s “Special Delivery" trailer, check it out!

Bud Light’s “Special Delivery,” aired during the first quarter of Super Bowl LIII, tapping into the brand’s medieval realm to reinforce the importance of using the finest ingredients throughout the Bud Light brewing process.

“Special Delivery” takes consumers on a journey as iconic Bud Light characters, King John Barley IV, Bud Knight, the Wizard, and others travel far and wide to return an ingredient package to its rightful owner.

Bud Light kicked off the conversation around transparency when the brand became the first U.S. beer to add a comprehensive ingredients label on secondary packaging earlier this year on January 11. As an extension of the new ingredients creative, Bud Light will also be introducing new icons on packaging to highlight the fact that no preservatives, no corn syrup, and no artificial flavors are incorporated in the Bud Light brewing process.

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