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Friday, October 11, 2019

Crown Heights on October 17 at The Luminal Theater

Crown Heights courtesy of Swank Motion Pictures

Beginning next week Thursday, October 17 at 7pm, The Luminal Theater presents two nights of films that examine and reflect on how mass incarceration has adversely impacted the Black community in Brooklyn. Yet for Mass Effects, as important as the films are, the discussions and aid offered afterward to victims of mass incarceration and their families are even more critical.   

Mass Effects will feature a panel of criminal justice experts, psychologists, and victim advocates, following screenings of the documentary Returning Citizens on October 17th and the narrative feature film Crown Heights on October 23, the latter of which stars LaKeith Stanfield (FX's Atlanta, 2018 hit film Sorry to Bother You).  

Each edition of Mass Effects will run from 7pm to 10pm.  The October 17th Brownsville post-screening community discussion features community activist Cadeem Gibbs and psychologist Dr. Anica C. Mulzac, and the October 23rd Bedford-Stuyvesant addition also features Mr. Gibbs alongside Dr. Jamila Codrington. 

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