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Friday, February 21, 2020

Amazon Original "Hunters" Boogie Woogie Highland Park into the 70s!

Tied to the Amazon Original Hunters’ February 21st global launch, Prime Video has turned Los Angeles’ Highland Park into 1970s New York City with authentic, era-specific details from their new original series. Hunters”, which stars Al Pacino and Logan Lerman and executive produced by Jordan Peele, is a cinematic thrill ride that Prime Video couldn’t resist giving it the big-screen treatment with The “Hunters” Grindhouse Experience. Several cast members and crew members from the show even stopped by tonight to surprise attendees!
Transforming this Highland Park block where the Hunters' activation is crackling until Feb 23rd, one feels transported into the 1970s realm with half the store-fronts dressed up from that decade. You even have the characters that would hang out and cause a commotion from the era come up and talk with you in that all-familiar New York accent.

Highland Park Bowl

Do not miss "Harvey" (cover photo) walk up to you with swagger 'n' sass, charm you to hang out with his people in the bowling alley and groove to some Donna Summer and The Bee Gees!

The activation will continue to take over Highland Park and be open for consumers from February 20-23rd. A link to tickets can be found HERE. The “Hunters’” Grindhouse Experience invites guests to participate in the world of the series with an immersive event that will bring its audience back in time.

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