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Tuesday, March 10, 2020

The 20th anniversary of Flamenco Festival, Joe's Pub

The 20th anniversary of Flamenco Festival brings tradition and innovation paired with classic expressions and new fusions to Joe’s Pub  a program and venue of The Public Theater. This year’s offerings feature Gypsy vocalist Lin Cortés, a master at blending various musical styles who created the concept of “Gypsy Evolution;” New Bojaira, who has skillfully combined the depth and intensity of flamenco and jazz; the raw and soulful voice of commanding presence in flamenco’s new wave, Rosario La Tremendita; the revolutionary Jonatan MiroMiguel Heredia, and Hugo Lopez, who stomp out flamenco stereotypes and explore gender identities while breaking with codes and regulations; Award-winning virtuoso guitarist and composer Santiago Lara’s tribute to the masters of flamenco guitar; vocalist Kiki Morente’s homage to his father, Enrique Morente, as he performs songs from his first solo album, Albayzín; and Pedro and Benito Jimenez’s re-contextualization of flamenco directly within recent dance music, which is inspired by the criminalization of the free party scene.

It’s all down below and on our site: Flamenco Festival 2020 at Joe's Pub.  │ @joespub

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