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Monday, October 12, 2020

"Elect: Power Every Four Years" one-woman, one-act show - see trailer.

"Elect: Power Every Four Years" champions the power of voting. It is an electrifying one-woman, one-act show where the character "Bella" takes a personal stand against racism and voter suppression. With her message of hope, she cuts through the onslaught of noise and chaos by reminding us that we get to vote, we get to chooseThe role of "Bella" is a compelling performance by Carey Brianna Hart, she delivers a powerhouse of a one-woman show. 

This free theatrical streaming film is a performance that we think your audiences will feel compelled to watch, and we hope you agree. Debuts nationwide Oct. 17, and will remain online free during and after the election

The national Livestream is a filmed theatrical performance directed by Ricky J. Martinez, starring the amazing Carey Brianna Hart as "Bella," and written by the playwright Bill Spring . 

  • In the grip of the 2020 pandemic, just days before the presidential election, a woman in Miami recalls her shock four years ago on election night 2016, with renewed feelings of dread about this time around. The recollection of that blistering night as she watched those fateful election results sparks a memory that shatters her nerves ‒ as we witness her working her way through to a revelation of personal power.
  • Alone now, out of work, and losing hope because of Covid-19’s chokehold on America, she struggles to breathe through painful memories in front of her camera at home. As a way out of this downward spiral, she decides to record her feelings on a video message to her fellow voters. She decides to give testimony to power. The power of voting.
  • Viewers say they have to step back from their screens ‒ in a good way ‒ when watching this performance. Bella realizes that although the power of the people has been chipped away these past four years, each of us still has the power to elect.
  • In the film, the character of Bella stands at a precipice  ̶  things in America are definitely not “great again.” In what feels like the blink of an eye, we watch her claw her way out of the mess of the past four years and the agony of 2020 as she rings a Buddhist bell. Her bell of truth is a talisman from her deceased husband, and a clarion call to vote.
#VOTE #BlackWomen #Blackmen

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