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Friday, March 26, 2021

Audible debuting in March and April.

We wanted to share an overview of some of the exciting content available on Audible debuting in March and April. Please see below for an outline of upcoming and recently launched Audible Originals including scripted, unscripted, and musical storytelling content.

Signature ‘Words + Music’ titles include Sting: Upon Reflectiona moving personal musical narrative written and performed by 17-time Grammy Award winner Sting; Yo-Yo Ma: Beginner’s Mindfeaturing the Grammy award-winning cellist reflecting on his most formative life experiences; and Billie Joe Armstrong: Welcome To My Panican electrifying look at rock and roll from the Green Day frontman.


Scripted titles include a celebration of legendary jazz singer Billie Holiday with Billie Was a Black Woman written and hosted by Rebecca Carroll; the comedy Hit Job starring Keke Palmer and Pete Davidson; a candid marriage memoir written and performed by Terry Crews and Rebecca King-Crews; and Russell Brand’s compelling original REVELATION: Connecting with the Sacred in Everyday Life.



Premieres April 1

Download cover art HERE | Listen to an audio clip HERE

Written by: Sanaz Toosi and Performed by: Nikki Massoud, Marjan Neshat, Nazanin Nour, Artemis Pebdani, and Roxanna Hope Radja


Nazanin (Marjan Neshat) and her friends are on the brink of adulthood. As they prepare for a wedding, outside their living room the Iranian Revolution simmers and threatens to alter the course of their lives. Set over the course of 14 years, Sanaz Toossi’s timely world premiere play, directed by Gaye Taylor Upchurch, shines a light on the daring potential of friendship amid the relentless aftershocks of political upheaval. Wish You Were Here join six other shows being made available exclusively on Audible via our unprecedented collaboration with the Williamstown Theatre Festival.



Premieres April 1

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Written in collaboration with Highlights, performed by an ensemble cast


In collaboration with Highlights, the beloved children’s magazine, Audible will produce a slate of Audible Original podcasts to engage, delight, and foster joyful learning in kids. In the second Audible Original from Highlights Magazine, Ask Arizona, plucky tween-ager Arizona offers advice to kids all over the world through her own advice podcast. Join Arizona, her friends Mareya and Ollie, her siblings Tex and Indi, and a whole cast of other characters to see what great advice Arizona will cook up next! Ask Arizona features 8 episodes running 20 minutes in length each. The first Audible Original podcast in the Highlights collaboration, Goofus and Gallantpremiered on March 4th, 2021.



Premieres April 7

Written and Hosted by Rebecca Carroll

Notable guests include: Audra Day, Lee Daniels, Dr. Angela Davis, Laverne Cox, and Mariah Carey


A new Audible Original podcast refracting Black womanhood through the prism of the life of legendary jazz singer Billie Holiday - her stories, her music, and her complicated legacy. In each episode, the podcast’s renowned creator, writer, and host Rebecca Carroll dive into different facets of Billie’s life, exploring what it means to defy the narrow categorizations thrust upon Black artists, Black bodies, and Black womanhood today. The four-episode exploration of Black womanhood through the life and lens of Billie Holiday will also feature an incredible array of Black creators and activists, including Andra Day and Lee Daniels the star and director of the new movie The United States vs. Billie Holiday, as well as Dr. Angela Davis, Laverne Cox, and Mariah Carey, among others. The series will launch on Audible and Amazon Music on Holiday’s birthday, April 7, 2021.



Premieres April 8

Written and Hosted by Yo-Yo Ma


As part of Audible’s ongoing Words + Music initiative, Grammy award-winning cellist Yo-Yo Ma reflects on his most formative life experiences in his Audible Original, Beginner’s Mind, motivating others to live lives of creative purpose and to embrace culture’s role in imagining and building a better world.



Premieres April 8

 Listen to an audio clip HERE

Written by: Daniel Goldstein and Performed by: Kerstin Anderson, John Ellison Conlee, Nehal Joshi, Tamika Lawrence, John McGinty, Grace McLean, Kathryn O’Rourke, Lance Roberts, Sean Stack, Sally Wilfert


Tori (Grace McLean) aims to be the first woman to row solo across the Atlantic. As a child, she raised her younger brother Lamar (John McGinty), defending him against discrimination and neighborhood bullies. Now, with nothing but her body and a hand-built boat, she squares off with her own tormentor: the ocean. Inspired by A Pearl in the Storm by Tori Murden McClure, this uplifting world premiere musical, directed by Tyne Rafaeli with a book by Daniel Goldstein and music and lyrics by Dawn Landes, interrogates and reveals the resilience, fear, and ambition inside one individual undeterred by the odds. Row joins six other shows being made available exclusively on Audible via our unprecedented collaboration with the Williamstown Theatre Festival.



Premieres April 15

Listen to an audio clip HERE

Written and Performed by Terry Crews and Rebecca King-Crews


In an audio-only marriage memoir unlike any other, Stronger Together will share the story of why the couple’s marriage failed, and what it took for them to put it back together again. In their own voices, Terry and Rebecca will reveal the turning points in their long-lasting union and expand on their oftentimes turbulent past including financial troubles, infidelity, addiction, miscarriage, and abusive childhoods.



Premieres April 22

Written and Performed by Billie Joe Armstrong


Grammy Award winner Billie Joe Armstrong looks back on over thirty years with Rock and Roll Hall of Fame band Green Day – from the early days of alternative rock to platinum-selling records, to Broadway. Via his decade-spanning catalog, Armstrong contemplates both his own personal trajectory and Green Day’s influence on rock and roll history.



Premieres April 22

Created and co-written by Eric Cunningham, co-written by Lauren Gurganous and Achilles Stamatelaky Performed by KeKe Palmer, Pete Davidson, and ensemble cast


Audible Original and Broadway Video multi-cast production Hit Job, a high concept workplace comedy set in KillCo., one of the many private firms allowed by the government to kill the world’s most evil people. The series follows Brynn Morris (Palmer), a normal young woman desperate for a job to help her ailing grandmother. She gets hired for a lowly administrative position at KillCo. with the motto: “Do Bad Things for Good Reasons,” and unexpectedly gets swept up in a company-wide contest that forces her to question her morals.


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